sideview battle system

  1. Kage

    RMMZ / Need Help. How do you add Custom Size Side View Battlers with an Extra Animation Frames - any tutorials?

    Hi Everyone, I'm noticing on the internet that people have really amazing and visually exciting Battle Systems in their games. Mainly having larger battlers and more frames per animation for example when casting spells. Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere tutorials on how to implement that...
  2. Trust

    Sideview battle with larger sprites

    I made sprites for a sideview battle system and they are quite large, but all the scripts I could find seem to only let me use character spritesheets from the overworld, is there a script that can let me use any sprite and animations I want?
  3. Walldeaf

    RMVXA a Thief's Voyage

    A classic RPG with a sideview battlesystem, lots of character development and a solid story. Using the power of the RPGMaker VX Ace engine, parallax mapping, scripting and all in eventing soup, which makes this game a true adventure. A game to remember! It all start as 2 sisters, both...
  4. renguro

    Theolized Sideview Battle System Issues

    Following recommendations from an earlier inquiry I made, I chose TSBS and started to plug everything into my Scripts, following the video tutorial. I followed the video tutorial and renamed Default_Idle from "K-idle" to "IDLE", as well as putting Kaduki Move Addons for "K-hurt" in my Scripts...
  5. jonenglish91

    Press Turn Battle System - Eventing(WIP)

    Hi All! Seeing as there is no Press Turn Battle System plugin, I decided to create it via eventing & states with the help of some plugins. It takes a little eventing and setting up. Plugins Used - Yanfly Core engine Yanfly BattleEngineCore Yanfly Actions Sequence 1 to 3 VE_DamagePopup...
  6. Odd Positioning on Side-View Fighting Screen.

    Hello, all. I just recently purchased RPG Maker MV (Mostly entirely for the fullscreen functionality, although I am impressed by how easy the character creator is to work with compared to RPG Maker VX ACE) and decided to fiddle about with some settings before actually getting into seriously...
  7. Lilly

    RMMV Adventures!

    @Archeia This game stinks, I've seen better, but it's fine for my first one. UPDATED VERSION Game Download Description Aldo wakes up and is lost and a stranger passes and they become friends, but you can't trust everyone. Aldo and friends must stop the moon crashing into the earth and will need...
  8. snowy-scales

    Sideview Battle Animation?

    how do i make the battle animations in sideview battle mode show on the enemies, instead of in the centre of the screen?
  9. Sideview Battle Sprites are Invisible

    I don't know why the sprites are invisible in side battle. Both the actors and the enemies are invisible. Sideview battle is ticked, and I can see the sprites in the system. Perhaps it is one of my plugins that is causing the problem?
  10. Mace

    Help with enemy position

    So I installed all Yanfly's plugins (in order) in my RPG Maker MV and I tested them in a battle to see if everything was alright but the enemies were literaly in the middle of the screen. Can you guys help me?
  11. Sideview or default battle system

    Hello friends I am working on a game with rmvx ace I want to ask you that would it be a good choice if i use default rmvx ace battle system coz I cant find much sideview battlers for my game
  12. KeyToTruth12

    Earthquakes - The First Signal [Updated 19/10/2015]

        My first game! I'm making the story as I go, so expect some inconsistencies. Feedbacks are needed, obviously, so post your thoughts, ok? :P                                
  13. [XP] Sideview battle system

    Hello there, I'm very new to RPG maker and all of this in general, and I'm understanding basics pretty easy, but I want to know how to get/make a script for a Sideview battle system such as ones that final fantasy has. I haven't done any of this "RGSS" coding or whatever it is, I'm not really...
  14. DeusEx

    How to turn off moving animation in Symphoria Engine while actor (hero) stand and do nothing

    Hello, let me explaine my question from topic title. As we can see on this video while actor (hero) on left side wait for player action choise he is moving (walks on the spot). How I can turt this animation off? I read manual and search in...

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