sideview battle

  1. Baka123

    Sideview Battle

    Well, hello. I don't really know where to post this but I have a little problem with sideview battle. The thing is - one of my battlers is visible while the other one is not. Only the shadow is visible. Also while attacking his sword is showing but the battler himself is still invisible. I...
  2. Ambition

    Sideview Motion Framecount?

    Hey, I was hoping someone could enlighten me on how long each animation frame a sideview motion (e.g. thrust, or swing) lasts in battles. So according to the help file's sideview asset standard information, each motion has three frames that plays, but I'm not entirely sure how long each one is...
  3. MRD256

    Bear Battler Sprite MV

    I'm looking for a battler sprite for a grizzly bear in RPG Maker MV. I'd really appreciate it if someone could make something or link me to something. I'd also like it if it could work in a side view battle. Thank you. :)
  4. ramza

    Ramza's Automatic Actor Shadow Sprite Scaling

    Greetings. Do you have a system in your game where actors in battle can change sprites? Are some of those sprites smaller or bigger than the default size? Are you sad that the shadow sprite underneath your actors doesn't change size to match the new sprite? Well I've got a plugin for you! The...
  5. KingKraken

    Toggle Sideview Battle Flip/Mirror

    Hey all! I'm looking for a type of plugin that will allow me to switch sideview battlers and enemies positions during battle, depending on some kind of toggle. The main reasoning for this is for consistency. I have a side scrolling game, so left and right directions play an important role in...
  6. Do I really NEED sv versions of every enemy?

    I'm using the front-view battle system, but any time I try to run a battle test with a custom enemy, I get an error saying I'm missing the sideview version of that enemy. Of course it's missing! I'm not using a sideview battle system! This seems like a really good way to bloat my game's file...
  7. cmj101

    Sideview battle character on the left instead of the right

    I got all the scripts I need. The only thing I want the character to be on the left instead of the right. I don't where to edit. I have a feel I have a feeling I have to edit the visual battlers.
  8. Valryia

    Quick battles 2

    This is a continuation of Quick battles: I continue here to ask in this forum if the problem that i have can be solved relativly easily, or do i have to go over to the javascript forums? I'm aiming for the following scenario: - Yanfly's charge turn battle (side-view) - I use the...
  9. Valryia

    Quick battles

    The premise: Speed is an important factor in our gaming society. In all games i can think of, your skill is determined by how fast a game is finished. Of course, skill isn't the only reason why we play. Still, speed is a factor which we all like, even among those us who don't like...

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