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  1. marbeltoast

    Force sideview battlers to use animations other than "skill" for skills. (Yanfly Plugins)

    Hey all! So, here's the situation: I'm trying to get sideview animated enemies (who I have using custom spritesheets that I've made by combining a couple of different plugins (will list all relevant plugins below)) to use one of the other animation options ("thrust", "chant", "abnormal", or...
  2. ovate

    How to remove Weapons for custom sideview actors

    If you're using comshou's Japanese-style battlers, numakara (沼から現れた) sideview battlers, or your own graphics. You probably don't want Weapons to show during sv-battle when you already have a weapon on sideview actors. Note: if you're not using your own graphics, please follow terms of use...
  3. Titanor

    Giant Hand Sideview Battler

    Resource Type: Sideview Battler Maker Format: MZ Art Style: MZ RTP with a bit of anime style due to the size Description: basically 2 giant hands with the arms going off-screen with the hands about 10 x bigger than the player Reference Images:
  4. renguro

    Help Figuring out Which Side-View Battler Script to Use

    Hey all, I've been sifting through side-view battler scripts to figure out which one might be the best option for me to use. I drew a mockup of how I want my battles to generally look, and the finished animations I want for the battlers and enemies to be reminiscent of fighting games like...
  5. jonenglish91

    4 Frame Sideview Battler Sprites

    Hi All, My brother and I have been working on a personal RPG Maker MV project. We have decided to go on a design overhaul on all our battlers. So we decided to release the ones that we currently have!(not all poses are finished) We hope you enjoy! Dimensions for the characters are 184,202...
  6. Cyborg Soldier Sideview Battler

    Hello all, I spent some time working on a sci-fi cyborg soldier battler for a while and thought some people here might find some use for it. Base sprite was first generated then heavily altered in Photoshop. Use however you see fit. Credits: Bokou for his cyborg parts and tank-on-back pieces...
  7. YED Sideview Battler Change sprite mid-battle

    Hi, I am using Yami Sideview battler and I would like to be able to change actor and enemy sprites in mid-battle (e.g. an actor transforms, or an enemy changes color to prepare for a skill, etc). Please note that I do NOT want to change the actor, just the sprite. It can be done in a snippet of...
  8. KillerGin

    DragonBone and yanfly SideView Battlers

    I just recently installed the Dragon Bones plugin, I followed the instructions, the plugin is below the yanfly plugins, etc. The Dragon Bones enemies seem to be working great. However now my sideview battlers, which worked perfectly before the Dragon bones script was installed, now no longer...
  9. BlueVikingr

    Gazebo Battler

    Resource Type: animated sideview battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP or as close as possible Description: I've decided to add an infamous D&D in-joke to my game- the Dread Gazebo. What I need is, well, a sideview battler of a gazebo. White, preferably, with an arrow sticking out of one of...
  10. jayholden

    Sideview battler x coordinates

    Hello, if I'm using Yanfly's battle engine and row formation plugins, how would I go about making it so the ally battlers are all in a single column? By default the sprites are arranged sort of like this \ on the screen - see screenshot. I'm scared of altering rpg_managers.js directly just in...
  11. _Z_

    Hunters and Heroes Sideview Battlers

    Hey all this is ~Z~ from Nim Design and Development, an indie dev team compised of myself and Mu. This is my first actual post on rpgmakerweb but I wanted to share some resources with the community as I've used the forums for advice and inspiration though felt to intimidated by the excellent...
  12. Sprites aren't working

    So i've been trying to use the YED sideview battler plug in, and test out if it works, but i can't seem to show my sprites, they say this plug in ain't outdated yet so i was thinking I'm doing something wrong here, so here's my note tag and my sprite, please do help me out,if there's already a...
  13. Kanagaya

    My first post of edited holder style battlers

    Hey guys... I'm a new users of this site so, I'm still a beginner but, I would like to share to U my edited holder style battlers. Thanks to Dark holder for his Battlers template OK just check it out 1. PRIEST 2. SPEARTHROWER 3. ADELA DUAL SWORD If U want to use these Sideview Battlers...
  14. noelburgundy27

    Looking for a Specific Sideview Battler Set

    So in this video, there was a very pretty multi-frame sideview hero battler for Ralph. I've been trying to hunt it down but to no luck. Does anyone know where I can get it? Or maybe you know the artist and/or their thread so I can peruse their work? For those who can't see it, it's the old...
  15. KingKraken

    At what HP percentage does an actor become weak or dying

    I can't seem to find this correct information(probably using the wrong keywords). But when an actor/enemy gets to a certain amount of hp, they start using the dying animation as their default stance. However, I'm unsure what percentage of HP controls that. I'm assuming it's around 20-30%. But...
  16. Sideview Battlers only work for PC?

    I'm new to RPGMaker and most of my google searches have thrown me here in the past and the solutions usually work, but so far this time I'm not finding anyone reporting this issue in particular so I guess it's my turn to make a post. I'm using yanfly's sideview enemies (see...
  17. KingKraken

    Any recent plugins for extending frames with Yanfly's Sideview Battlers?

    I've been trying to get more animations for my sprites, but every option thus far has some sort of issue attached to it TheGreenKels DragonBones plugin: Doesn't allow the use of floats/jumps on...
  18. misterprmiller

    Side-View Battlers for on-map cut-scene

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a "simple" project, and in that project I would like to use side-view battlers for mini "cut-scenes" that involve spell casting on the map to alter the terrain in some way. For example (hypothetically) : 1. Player encounters a wall of ice on the map. 2. Player...
  19. Leggy

    Adding Damage Pop-Up to Sideview Actors

    EDIT : I realized that the Battle Symphony Side View script pretty much has everything I was looking for. Sent in a report to have this thread closed/removed. Sorry for missing out on that, or to bother anyone with it! --- I have a request for some help with modifying an existing script(s)...

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