1. antega34

    MZ Dog and Fairy SV Battlers Request

    Resource Type: Sideview Actor Battler Maker/Art Format: RPG Maker MZ Description: Hi there! I'm hoping to request sideview actor battlers of the Nature_1 and Nature_6 characters from MZ, a.k.a. the dog and fairy characters. I have tried making them from edits to mixed results which is why I...
  2. ThreeSixNine

    RMMV CGMV Encyclopedia and Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies Compatibililty

    I have been working on a way to show a battler image in CGMV Encyclopedia when using Yanfly's Sideview Animated Enemies. So I have come up with a script that, so far seems to work. if ($dataEnemies[6].battlerName === '' && $dataEnemies.sideviewBattler != '') { $dataEnemies[6].battlerName...
  3. tale

    How to remove Weapons for custom sideview actors

    If you're using comshou's Japanese-style battlers, numakara (沼から現れた) sideview battlers, or your own graphics. You probably don't want Weapons to show during sv-battle when you already have a weapon on sideview actors. Note: if you're not using your own graphics, please follow terms of use...
  4. tale

    com_sho Sideview characters (Sci-Fi edits)

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm sharing edits that are inspired from Japanese-style Sideview battlers here. To get material- Right click on the images and Save Image As. Terms of Use If you use characters and face set, you need to license for RPG Maker MV or RPG tkool MV. These are...
  5. Flaviogfx

    RPG XP battler hide during animation

    Hey everyone, i am new in this site and i need an help about a issues i found; i used a side view battle system and i want make hide the actor during the animation and get it back when is finish. I post the script i used, if someone can help me about it would be very helpful. Thanks to everyone
  6. cheef

    (VictorEngine) SV Battlers failing for actors, working for enemies. [Solved]

    Hello, I'm using Victor Engine to try to apply custom animated sprites. I've read the "help us to help you" thread and have tested this by Playtesting the game, not a Battle Test. Scripts used - VE Basic Module: [page] [script] VE BattlerGraphicSetup: [page] [script] Currently my sprite...
  7. Cyborg Soldier Sideview Battler

    Hello all, I spent some time working on a sci-fi cyborg soldier battler for a while and thought some people here might find some use for it. Base sprite was first generated then heavily altered in Photoshop. Use however you see fit. Credits: Bokou for his cyborg parts and tank-on-back pieces...
  8. Custom Character Creation + Sideview Animations

    Hey all. Like most RPG's, I want the player to create their own character at the start of the game. In combat, I hand animate the attacks every player / party member uses on the screen. The animation isn't just the "effect" of the attack (like a slash without the char shown), it shows the...
  9. tale

    Side-view Actor for Menu

    dsSVActorForMenu - ver1.3.0 (2016/01/19) Creator name: Douraku Overview Displays the side-view actors in the menu without faces Features - Set Motion for Idle - Set Motion when actor selected (Active) - You can set Note tag for States Example) Under States put <menuActorMotion:motion name>...
  10. Krystek_My

    Weapon Overlay in RPG Maker MV

    Hi! I wanted to request a plugin that will add a weapon when equip to SV sprite and it will be in all motions. Something like adding a temporal layer to your character when hero equip weapon.
  11. Zoren

    Script Request For Showing "Select Enemy Picture" During Battle

    Hey guys, i was hoping to get some help here with something. I wanted a script to be used to show a certain image during battle when selecting an enemy, as well as when choosing an actor to use an item on. to show what im talking about here's a screenshot of what im looking for...
  12. LakituAl

    Sideview Enemy Sprite misbehaves quite a bit.

    I made a set of sprite sketches today for an animated sideview enemy, but somehow it refuses to behave properly no matter what I do. I made a new project with only the one asset and necessary plugins but it still refuses to work. Here's my plugins: When Sideview Battler is placed above...
  13. Custom side wiev sprites can't be imported

    Hello, I'm fairly new to rpg maker and would like to import my own sprites. I did so with homemade characters and faces, without problem (by dragging them in the game folder) but it just doesn't work with Side View actors. I have verified that my template is correct (576x384) and even renamed...
  14. Sideview Battle Sprites are Invisible

    I don't know why the sprites are invisible in side battle. Both the actors and the enemies are invisible. Sideview battle is ticked, and I can see the sprites in the system. Perhaps it is one of my plugins that is causing the problem?
  15. SmolJoltik

    [MV] Jack Frost from Shin Megami Tensei Side-View

    I am looking for someone who can make sprites of Jack Frost, the the most adorable and most powerful demon from Atlus' SMT series. I would appreciate sideview battler and walking/damaged overworld sprites. Don't ask why I want a Jack Frost as a playable character. Resource Type: Sideview...
  16. Yanfly's animated sv enemies are invisible

    Everything worked fine before. But then for some reason animated sideview enemies became invisible while static ones are visible. I created new project with only CoreEngine, BattleCore and SideviewBattler to check. This time animated enemies are visible but the main character's troop isn't. Can...
  17. Ambition

    Sideview Motion Framecount?

    Hey, I was hoping someone could enlighten me on how long each animation frame a sideview motion (e.g. thrust, or swing) lasts in battles. So according to the help file's sideview asset standard information, each motion has three frames that plays, but I'm not entirely sure how long each one is...
  18. MRD256

    Bear Battler Sprite MV

    I'm looking for a battler sprite for a grizzly bear in RPG Maker MV. I'd really appreciate it if someone could make something or link me to something. I'd also like it if it could work in a side view battle. Thank you. :)
  19. Kenvarus

    Eragon (GBA) MV Sideview BattleSystem

    So I dont want to just rip the battle system from this game, but for those of us who played this... this game got a very large cult following largely due to its extremely fluid battle system. This game made you feal like you were actually in each battle, which is a big acomplishment for a game...
  20. Lacanne

    Problem with positioning my battlers

    Hello evryone. So i have an issue that is probably simpel to solve but i'm so bad at scripting. My team is 5 people size. There is an event where one of the member choose only one ally to fight a boss. So it become 2v1. But then, the battlers are terribly positioned on the screen. Look at...

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