1. Sideways Stairs

    So I'm trying to make stairs that go up from left to right and right to left, commonly referred to as "side stairs". I'm having troubles coming up with anything working on my own, and I can't find any tutorials for it, so I thought I'd ask here for help with this. I'd greatly prefer if the...
  2. Katt Therese

    Hozizontal/Diagonal/Sidways Stairs

    I was looking for a plugin for this and the only one simple enough that worked was this plugin. I don't exactly know anything about plugins editing or making myself, but I only came across one problem that I have no idea how to fix. For this plugin to work, you mark the passable spaces and...
  3. ovate

    XP Chests reformatted (front/back, left/right)

    I reformatted XP Chest for compatibility with VX Ace. Despite the alternate style, direction of facing left/right are available. Preview- Front/Back Left/Right Mimic Terms of Use If you own a copy of RPG Maker XP- you can use them for RPG Maker projects. Free to use in...
  4. Silent Darkness

    Sideways rtp Damage sprites

    I want to use the rtp damage sprites for a project, but there's a problem. The map is designed to be used sideways. All the damage sprites are facing vertical. I want em facing horizontal. The entire 4 damage png files don't need to be done, but I would like sideways damage sprites for...
  5. Sideways Furniture anywhere?

    need I say more? I've been looking around but I can't find a whole lot of it, if any at all~ I need beds, chairs, tables, basically any furniture that can have a side view, to have a side view. My biggest concern is beds, chairs, and tables, but drawers/closets, fireplaces, ladders, kitchen...

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