silent hill

  1. Lemonrice

    RMMV Aberrating Light - a horrifying love letter [ABS added]

    Well, after mentioning it in the October goals thread, I think it is time to finally introduce the concept I have been working on the past two weeks. So, let's begin! Genre: (Action) Horror Survival in a relatively modern environment Introduction All he wanted was to start over. Owen...
  2. Bad Stitches

    RMVXA LoneLy: The DesCent [Horror]

    Developer: Stitch / Bad Stitches Publisher: Voodoo Box Genre: Psycho-Horror / Adventure Language: german / english Status: Demo version 1.9 Play time: approx. 30 min + 'LoneLy' is a game with a heavy atmosphere and psychological horror comparable with the old Silent Hills and Resident Evils and...
  3. Kevin O'Ryan

    Death Sprite for Silent Hill Nurse (Sprites Made)....

    Hello, I don't normally do this for I like to try on my own... but, I have been trying to figure out the death sprites... and I can't seem to do them right... they always look, well cruddy.. (I can't figure out the 3D part of it is what I mean...) I have made a Silent Hill Nurse sprite...
  4. RyanA

    The One Night Trilogy (3 Full Horror Games)

    Moderator Edit due to lost post This is one of several very old topics where the first post was lost due to an archive problem one or two years ago, and cannot be restored. Luckily someone else found the download links, so here they are: End of Mod-Edit...

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