silly question time

  1. OZiO

    Is it possible to loop a video for the background of a map?

    Hey guys,  I'm back with another absurd question concerning all things MV. Is it possible to play a video as the map? I know that sounds absurd, but it seems like MV would be able to handle that. Like a short 5 second movie looping over and over that the play can walk on? This seems like a...

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Doing clean-up on tall-ified sprites, filling in pixel by pixel where the stretching warped the image, feels incredibly tedious but also highly rewarding when one zooms out and the sprite looks even better than before.
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hmm one of those days where there's a lot to work on with my game... annnnnd I have no idea what I wanna do. most of it tho, involves drawing lol. either enemies or NPCs.

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