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  1. Garryg

    I've been trying to get a feel for where the RPG Maker community sits but...

    OK, so I haven't been here long and I've just started looking at making my first real attempt at a game, which will probable be released for free somewhere to see if anybody actually plays it and what they think, possible giving hints on what to do if I want to try to make a better game that...
  2. clownbf

    RMMV Romeo & Juliet: An RPG Maker Love Story

    An RPG Maker Love Story Synopsis: A timeless classic told through RPG Maker. Experience Shakespeare's most famous work again. Control Juliet as she navigates through the tragic tale of the star-crossed lovers. Help her find keys to doors to progress through the story.' Discover the secret life...
  3. ??????

    RMMV PiNG: MV Rewrite

    Synopsis PiNG is a re-imagination of the classic game 'pong', but with one major difference... It has a very well trained neural network artificial intelligence controlling the enemy! Defeating the game AI is no easy task, one which only the best players of the game are likely to accomplish. I...
  4. Rikifive

    Chain Reaction [BETA 1.3]

    CHAIN REACTION BETA 1.3 VERSION   <<< INTRODUCTION >>> Explode near other blocks to break them into particles, that can break other blocks creating a chain reaction! The longer the chain will be, the higher the score multiplier. Get as much points as you can and share your scores with...

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