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    Hello there, welcome to my first game that I'm making with RPG Maker!  To put it simple, this is a rogue like game. For those who don't know or are not sure on what this means, I'll sum it up for you: Very VERY hard... boarder line unfair we'll say.  But have no fear, I'll try to make the...

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A game review, Eloquent Countenance by RachelDrawsThis.
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I'm wondering if it's possible to get the font used for the title in RPG Maker MZ's splash screen, because it's a neat looking font. I wanna use it for like, a title screen or something.
I think it's by time I make use of this feature in the forums. I'm never one to share profile updates or anything the sort, but hey, you gotta start somewhere! I think I'll use this place primarily to post maps actually, so here, have a goblin cave!


Inspired largely by Wynncraft's Aseado Leaf cave
Does anyone know if Yanfly's Ace scripts are still free for use in both commercial and noncommercial projects? Can't find much except for the wordpress Terms of Use, but not sure if it's not outdated.

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