1. SeaPhoenix

    RMMV The Lost Art of Innkeeping

    Synopsis The good news is that you've just inherited Cascade Manor from your eccentric Aunt Agatha. The bad news is that the manor is in a dismal condition and you have no money to pay for repairs and its upkeep. The even worse news is that the bank has given you an ultimatum: pay off the...
  2. JoelMarler

    RMMV Leader of None (Sci-fi Political Sim)

    I'm thinking of creating a political game where you've just been elected president of the solar system federation and have to remain in power over the course of your ten-year term. Any ideas for mechanics? Here's what I've got so far: - Player automatically loses if a majority of the solar...
  3. TheFe91

    How to apply Database changes without starting a new adventure?

    Hi everybody, I've been long time away from RMMV and some thing have changed since last time. While I continue not to understand why the "simulate battle" won't work since in 1.6.2 (but if someone has a solution is welcome), my question for today is this: Is there a way to apply the database...
  4. hiddenone

    RMMV Reincarnation Assistant: 9 to 5

    AKA: Welcome [insert name here], to the Reincarnation Selection Center! We are in charge of numerous important tasks, from sending Heroes to the Worlds that need them to [insert other task here], so your employment here as an Assistant is an important part of everything getting done properly...
  5. Tw0Face


    Many of us already wanted to reach out for the stars or just looked desperately into the starry sky, wondering what might be out there. Do you still know how you wanted to become an astronaut as a child? LISS (acronym for Lost in Space Simulator) will make your long-awaited dream come true...
  6. RafaelSoares

    RMXP Elétrica Simulator - A Obstacle Race

    ELÉTRICA - Simulator By R.S. Since i finish this simple minigame, part of another game, i decided to publish it here. It might has some bugs that i could not fix yet, i hope you enjoy, though. I hope everything works well. Att
  7. Tw0Face

    RM2k/3 ️Fields of Fire

    Fields of Fire is a strategic city building game simulation with war elements focused primarily on managing and properly deploying resources. The game was originally published in German language and has been translated into English. It's best compared to games like Age of Empires or...
  8. Wavelength

    Business Sims - Just Glorified Incremental Games?

    From Theme Park to 1503 A.D. to Sim City to Golf Resort Tycoon, I've always loved Simulation games where you build stuff. But the other day, as I was listening to this Design Doc video on Roller Coaster Tycoon's "timeless" game design, one observation they made really stuck out to me, and it's...
  9. fizzly

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Carpentry Story

    This topic was created for #ICGM2017, but it's over. Please visit Carpentry Story topic >HERE< STORY Make furniture and save town! Will your grandpa's dream come true? CHARACTER FEATURES Fix houses Meet new villagers Chop trees Make furniture Save town! SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD...
  10. Heindal

    Two tutorials for JS game development

    Hi guys, I have some experience in coding. So far I coded a lot of html 5 games / add-ons for Battle for Wesnoth. I have a small app developer degree, but so far I don't code for work, I code in my spare time as hobby. I however have a radio show (as hobby) as well and as I was looking for...
  11. Fring Frang

    RMMV Granny Games

    Download available here! Synopsis: People memorialize their family members in many ways. Could video games serve as a memento of loved ones? By creating four different games about my grandmothers, I hope to explore this question and discover ways of honouring elders through interactive media...
  12. dsiver144

    RMVXA Peaceful Days

    Twitter | Deviantart Trailer You are a graduate student. You are looking for a job that suits you, but all your efforts fail. You are desperate. One day you see a TV show about a peaceful country life, you think it's the best place to start your career. Not a little hesitant, you take the...
  13. AIR BOGUS: Airport Simulation RPG (RELEASED!)

    Click here to transfer to "Completed Games" After my game WOMB, its been years since I created a game again for RPG maker. I am proud to announce my new game, which will be out on August 2016: AIR BOGUS is a "Airport RPG" game. Combining the gameplay of Airport check-in simulation and...
  14. shinempp

    By Myself

    Our little team is happy to introduce to you our new game, called "By Myself"–A 2D story full of happiness, love and sadness as your character grows attached to its childhood town, all while maintaining the old family farm. Fights between siblings, unique love stories with many characters...
  15. Rune Factory Project Recruitment

    Hey all. After being told I'd have a better chance getting some notice if I came to the recruitment section, I decided to come here. I'm a huge fan of the Rune Factory series and have always enjoyed playing their games. When I heard that Neverland LTD. had gone out of business, I knew that...
  16. jet_black

    Plugins and Features for LifeSim/OpenWorld Game

    Hello guys, for some time I was tinkering with the thought of starting to work on a project of a Life-Sim / Open-World game. Of course not something like Skyrim in Rpg Maker or stuff like that. I´d like to develop a game that takes place in a small modern village/town. There are no...
  17. PabloNeirotti

    Unveil — The Ultimate Survival Simulator

      After almost 3 years in development, Unveil is now available as a full title on Steam. Watch the Trailer > Get Unveil on Steam < MAN VS WILD No zombies, dinosaurs nor post apocalyptic environments. Real life...
  18. Takkun

    My Workshop

      My Workshop and a project where you will be in the skin of a developer indie and will have the mission to create games for sell, with the whole premise and problems that we developers spend. You must take care of finance, marketing, improve their skills in the various areas all so that you...
  19. chungsie

    Beta Tester?

    Is there anyone willing to be a Beta Tester for a game I made outside of the RPG VX ACE engine? It's written in pure Ruby. Sorry I can't offer pay, but I can help those wanting to learn Ruby understand it better for their uses in RPG Maker Engines that utilize the language.
  20. Relationship Simulation?

    Any ideas on how I can add a relationship simulator into the game? I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of Rune Factory where there's a menu with relationship status meters. I already have an idea on how to create events and use variables to add points to a characters meter, but I don't have a...

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