single actor

  1. Magnus0808

    Single Actor System

    Single Actor System Version 1.0 By Magnus0808 || Magnus Rubin Peterson Introduction This plugin makes it so you skip actor selection. It is supposed to be used for games where there only are a single actor, which makes it pointless to select the actor when they are the only option. I...
  2. Hahasea

    Single actor in main menu, but more party members in-game

    I've been told that the only way to permanently hide all player characters except your main one in main menu, while still retaining the capacity to have party followers in-game is with javascript. Would love it if someone would consider making a script. My game follows a single actor, with the...
  3. wintyrbarnes

    Confirmation add-on for Galv's Single Actor Menu Target?

    I'm using Galv's Single Actor Menu Target plugin in my project, since it only has one playable character, and I wanted to see if anybody could help me add a confirmation menu for using an item? For example, currently you select an item and it is automatically used on the actor. What I'd like...
  4. ArcheoFox

    Single Actor Menu Target

    I have a major compatibility problem with the plugin from Yanfly “ItemCore” and Galv's plugin named "Single Actor Menu Target". The problem is when I use an item on the map menu, an error message appears and contains these errors: I only have these two plugins that are active and Galv...
  5. Single Actor Party with Selectable Support Characters

    I have an issue with a game I'm working on where I want the main character to be the only real party member, but backed up by a support character. Eventually I want the player to have the ability to choose from a few different support members to fit their approach to battle. For example, one...
  6. djm3

    Removeing Actor Select from Item and Skill Menus

    Hello, My game has a single actor and I'd like to somehow remove the need to select an actor after choosing an item or skill from there receptive menus (because there is only actor and it will always be the same one!). Any ideas? Thanks!

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