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  1. TMS

    Party Size Considerations

    Despite several attempts, I've yet to finish an RPG Maker project, so right now I'm preparing to begin work on what might become my first game, and I'm debating with myself on how I should handle the player's party. A search of this forum shows me a number of threads asking things like, "how...
  2. Animebryan

    Editor not handling single character sheets with $ in their filename properly

    I'm trying to set an actor's map sprite but its not showing the white rectangle like its supposed to. I'm trying to select the $BigMonster1 sheet (Demon) but it won't let me select a single sprite & just automatically selects 1 of the top sprites instead. I tried to expand the sheet to normal...
  3. Rubescen

    RMMV Opal - A Gothic Fantasy RPG (Version 1.01 update)

    Opal (vers 1.01) is now updated! Opal is a 16-bit retro-style gothic fantasy RPG with multiple endings and a variety of ways to progress. Explore the city of Opal in search of a cure for your mother's illness and uncover the grim history that lies within. Check it out, and let me know what...
  4. Dark Paladin

    Dark Paladin Single Character Menu v1.2

      Dark Paladin Single Character Menu v1.2 By: Dark Paladin Introduction Just a custom single player menu. Made for a request from Tetsune. Features Right now you can adjust window opacitys. Defaults are 0. You can also change the background. Item selection is on the main menu. Built in...

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