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  1. Yoku

    FREE Through the Magnifying Glass [Small Team Recruitment]

    Engine: RMMV Synopsis: Murder Mystery on a dirigible which is traveling from LA to New England on its maiden journey (first cross-continental flight). The year is 1870. World is Steampunk infused with magic, technology and science. Magical beings are known to all and live in all levels of...
  2. Single player menu [paying USD]

    hej i am looking for someone who can make me a menu system that is tailored for just one charecter. i plan on using Alpha ABS with only one charecter so the rest or the empty spot is just taking up space and looking odd. i am whilling to pay for it. Hope you understood me :)
  3. Silenity

    RPG Characters

      Let's begin a discussion on the topic of RPG characters. However, not about the characters themselves but about how they are entered into the world and how they are played. As this is an RPG Maker forum let's also apply this to RPG Maker games!     First...
  4. metronome

    Simple Item Menu Only

    Hi, When you go into your menu, instead of looking at numbers, texts, save, HP, MP, etc and etc, all you see is just your inventory. Simple as that. (example: mad father and oh ko!) There are already plenty of these in RMVXA Some of them are even equipped with abilities to actually use the...
  5. mjshi

    Script Bundle: One-Player Menu + Mobius's Quest Journal

    Mobius's Quest Journal 2.0 and Tigerus Fay's One-Player Menusystem compatibilityized by mjshi (Mobius's Quest Journal (hereafter referred to quest journal) is CC Attribution Sharealike Tigerus Fay's One-Player Menusystem (hereafter referred to as 1P menu and/or one player menu) is CC...
  6. Matseb2611

    Recommend me some Sci-fi RPGs

    As a fan of the sci-fi genre, I am interested to see if there are any good futuristic/sci-fi RPGs I've missed. There seem to be much less sci-fi RPGs out there than medieval fantasy ones. This goes for all game types: triple A, indie, RM, paid or free, etc. Just a few things to take into...
  7. Changing "Stimulate" item to be an auto-revive for a single player game?

    I am making a single player game and am making a more realistic game so no magic. So I was wanting to know if there was a way to make an item or replace the Stimulate item to be an auto revive instead of a simple revive comrade? I am brand new to rpg maker but am learning pretty fast. This is...

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