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  1. SpyroFan67

    Can I Post Someone Else's Custom RPG Maker Sprites

    Hello site administrators. I wanted to do everyone on this site a favor by posting some custom Spyro sprites I have that somebody made on DeviantArt since they shut down their account and the sprites are no longer available for anyone else to download. However, I wish to ask permission for this...
  2. SpyroFan67

    Please Change This It's So Annoying...

    Can somebody please get rid of the 420 character limit? I was going to post a nostalgic video game commercial tomorrow but today I wanted to share pictures of my Game Boy Advance SP and the stuff that came with it on my profile. It was less than 420 characters but it kept telling me it exceeded...
  3. SpyroFan67

    I Promise I Won't Post Sprites Again

    Site administrators, I apologize for making a post of game sprites. I had no idea that was against the forum rules. I promise I won't post something like that again. Thanks.
  4. SpyroFan67

    I Like This Site

    I just wanted to say I really like this RPG Maker community and website. I am mostly making this post so I can edit my picture on my profile.
  5. Kitsunekko

    Posting Updates on Ideas and Prototypes

    I have a post about a game that I'm working on under the 'Ideas and Prototypes' page, and recently I've been wondering whether or not it'd be legal for me to post updates on the game under that forum, which can be found here, or if you're only allowed to post updates under the 'Games Currently...

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