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  1. Sprite Size

    So I've been going through some of the tutorials for RPG Maker MV and the map sprites are not a size i would prefer. They're what I think of as mini - roughly as wide as they are tall. Is it possible to create sprites that are twice as tall as they are wide for this maker? I'm aiming for a...
  2. VX Ace RTP characters & face sets for MV

    Hello I really like the rtp set up from the RPG Maker VX Ace but I prefer to use the RPG Maker MV now. Is there a way converting the size of the rtp characters & face sets to use it in the new Maker? Now the ressources need to be bigger. I have already searched in the forum for theese...
  3. Kubewix

    Make camera distance from hero a bit shorter. script needed

    I find it a bit complicated to explain but it's a really simple request, Normally the tile by tile size is 13High by 17Wide. Giving the middle screen character 8 tiles of space from the computer monitors borders. I want it to be a little bit shorter meaning the camera is a bit closer to the...
  4. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Hello. I'm coming today to send with the world a new plugin. As the title says, this plugin has as goal to reproduce the complex system of Dragon quest Monster series. It allows many things like : - The addition to usable skills of two new skills : Tension and Recruit. The first allows...

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