1. EdenGenesisWs

    Which dimensions should I choose for the creation of characters?

    Hello everyone, I know this might sound strange or stupid to you, but I would like to understand how sprite sheets work in RPG Maker. I mean, I have often seen sprite sheets that include all the movements of the created characters, but I don't understand how these are separated in the...
  2. yeaka

    VX Ace tilesets in MZ

    Sorry, correct me if this has already been addressed, but is there a way to use the VX Ace tilesets, aka 32x32 instead of 48x48, in MZ? MZ seems amazing so far... but I just can't get past having to give up all the amazing sets I have in the smaller size!
  3. Black Pagan

    Minimal Map Sizes

    What are your suggestions for Minimal Map Sizes for the Following aspects, Considering Practical mapping design, Efficiency and Monitor Resolution : - A Vertically elongated Map (Player moves from Bottom to Top) (Used in my Game for Outdoor Maps) - A Horizontal elongated Map (Player moves from...
  4. Screen Size Issue

    Hello all! This is most likely a VERY easy question to answer, but I've been dealing with this since I first bought MV... When opening settings or Character Generator, the screen appears huge. As you can tell from the screenshot below, it's bleeding on the top AND bottom. I've tried ALT+spacebar...
  5. ReeledTiedBTH

    Face image size just for one face

    I don't wanna use a whole rectangle just for one face can someone help me out on how to just resize this one image so I can just slap it to the dialogues? (it's just for an easter egg im trying to make)
  6. Indsh

    Resize PNG

    I have managed to create a system that copy and pastes PNGs whist the game is running for effects I have coded successfully, now what I would now like to do is resize those PNGs. Any advise between Canvus and Pixi to make this happen?
  7. OmgItsMisaChii

    Trouble with Tile sets

    Good evening everyone, I am kinda new to making games on RMVXA. I wanted to import custom tilesets off of the internet and I have found amazing tilesets however I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. {Check the attached image please} (C) is how they look like originally when I import them to...
  8. Milennin

    Maximum picture size?

    I'm making a custom menu that has a picture of a list of selectable items that can be scrolled through stretch beyond the limits of the screen. Is there a maximum size I should be aware of, which at that point won't load the full image into the game anymore? Since I do plan on expanding the list...
  9. atoms

    Do you have a preference on how many party members you like in turn based battles?

    I'm just curious what people think. You can vote more than one, if you like more than one. I'd vote for 3, 4, 5 and 6, as I think I can like those four. I have played at least two games with two party members in a turn base battle RPG Maker game, and have enjoyed them, but they still are not my...
  10. Enemy Sprites

    Hey guys... I have question. What is the max size for enemy sprites? As in the type that appears in front or side of during battles??? Like not the little battler kind??? The image kind???? I'm planning to make those and then crop them down to face image size afterwards for the face icons in on...
  11. SophieChieko

    Party size as a variable

    Hello! I need some help, please! Is it possible to stock the number of the actors in the party into a variable? I would like, into some event, to make a conditional branch and choose "if the variable [001: PartySize == 2]", and begin the battle against the boss if the player have got 2 members...
  12. Anchovy

    View Port / Window Size Questions

    Is it possible to change the view port to crop the visible map instead of scaling it? Here's an example based on Terraria: If a life heart = x pixels, let's say this view port is 50x wide and the left tool bar is 20x wide. Equivalently, this view port is 25x wide and the left tool bar is 15x...
  13. Taller actor images with 48x48 tileset

    Hi! for my game, I'm making all of my characters on my own.The size of a base character is 83px width and 31px height Currently, I'm still using custom 48x48 tilesets, but my question is: Is there a better size for a tileset with my character sprite size? If so, how do I change the size of the...
  14. Shiradesu

    Different Sprite Sizes?

    Hello, I am pretty new here and I hope I got this in the correct thread. If not I apologize in advance. I have some trouble with sprite-making. I wish to do spritesheets like the ones in "Ib", as far as I know, they use two tiles, but only walk in one... What is the name of this sprite size...
  15. tale

    Animation Scale

    MPP_AnimationScale - 2017/07/26 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Change the size of animations that are inside img/animations folder. Features -Scales two types of animations with a parameter. Target Type (one) - animation for characters | Screen Type (all) - animation for...
  16. Larger Battle Animations

    I seriously need help with this to make my game work. I hand-draw my characters in pixel art, then size them up x2, order them as a battle animation then animate their abilities, the same way Lisa: The Painful does it. The only issue is that you HAVE to size the sprite up x2 or it will be...
  17. tale

    Menu Screen Layout Resize

    dsScreenLayoutSize - ver1.0.3 (2018/09/08) Creator name: Douraku Overview Plugin for resizing menu screen layout Features - Parameters for height and width layouts of Map, Menu, and Battle. Screens When changing the screen resolution with YEP_CoreEngine or etc. You can set the size of menu...
  18. Indsh

    Big Tiles

    Hello everyone, there was a plugin I saw a while ago but stupidly did not download at the time. It allowed you to set events to take up more than one tile both activating other events with 'event touch' (if you set to play) or that would allow 'Action button' on every tile if it was the player...
  19. Tatsumaro

    Video size

    Hi, i´m using a video as background of the Main Menu, but there's a problem, in mp4 the 6:50 minutes video as the size of 203MB, the Details: Length 00:06:50 Frame width 1280 Frame height 720 Data rate 3973kbps Total bitrate 4163kbps Frame...
  20. 8bitstarfox

    Changing hitboxes

    I have an event with an image larger than 48x48 but the hit detection stays the same, is there anyway to change the size of the events hit detection to be equal to its size?

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