1. Mace

    Help with YED Sideview battler plugin

    So, I'm using YED Sideview battler and I have a question. Can I use sprites with different sizes for the same action (sometimes some sprites are wider than others)? For example, have a 96x96 sprite and a 100x96 for attack?
  2. shinichi999

    Tile problem

    Greetings. I tried everything to solve this problem but I can't find the solution. I have problems with tilesets in RPG Maker MV 1.4.0. They look totally different when I play the game. I understand this is due to an incorrect tileset size or that it needs to be filled up to full size...
  3. Sprite zooming?

    I Remember back in Ace, There was a script i would use for an ABS that would allow me to increase the size of a specified sprite namely for bosses or mini bosses! I was wondering if there was still a way to do this?
  4. Tatsumaro

    Change sprite size script

    dose it exist? or is this a possibly idea for the next plugin :D CHARACTER SPRITE ZOOMING but for MV, and if redirected to Actors even PERFECT [YEP.141 – Scale Sprites – RPG Maker MV] only in the world MAP
  5. iNumPad

    Change Window (content) height on Call Script

    Ahoy folks, I did a custom window based on some tutorial and now I'm trying to improve. function Window_Hint() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments); } Window_Hint.prototype = Object.create(Window_Base.prototype); Window_Hint.prototype.constructor = Window_Hint...
  6. Pandaperfect

    Sprite size?

    I've treid to look around but I haven't got much luck with my problem. I desired a merchant with a walking horse, bear or what ever to acompany him/her. as ONE whole sprite. problem is I don't understnad RPGMAKER's way of saying what size is ok and what size is not.. As far as i've come i ended...
  7. Saving Maps

    Friends can i create a map and save it to use later. I have a village for hunters and all of the base layouts will be the same so i figure why not just make a single template that i can paste in some way. Also is there a optimal or preferred map size for house interiors. I made mine one size...
  8. Arisete™

    Minimum Map Size for Specific resolutions?

    Not sure where exactly this would go, but does anyone have a simple math to get the Minimum Map Size for different resolutions similar to how Yanfly posted the minimum tile limit back on RMVXA? Yanfly's Ace Core Engine Description back on VX Ace: It was 20x15 Tiles at Ace's max 640x480...
  9. Tanarex

    Quest log by modern algebra

    So the gold keeps cutting into the quest log. No matter how small I make the sentencing on the quest. Not sure how to fix it.
  10. Servidion

    Comfortable Parallax Size?

    So I've decided to start converting all of my maps to Parallax rather than tiles simply so I can edit them in Photoshop, but many of my tiled maps are just too large for parallax (the engine crashes when I try to import a large one as parallax). I need to split up my maps into smaller, more...
  11. How "Tall" Can Sprites Be?

    I'm trying to make a custom sprite in a simple style for MV, however, since the sprite has a smaller head, and a longer torso when compared to the chibi style of MV's characters, my custom sprite looks too small overall for the world. When I made a new counter, my character looked smaller than a...
  12. AllyJamy

    Importing large sprites properly

    So I've made a tank sprite, and naturally the sprite is much larger than a normal character. and I've fitted the sprite into an incredibly large sprite sheet used for a ship. and I can't line them up properly, as when i drive the tank it will swivver from side to side. (I assume this is because...
  13. face image size

    If this was in a forum already i couldn't find it but i'm having trouble making faces fit into text boxes. i remember that you're supposed to put in a symbol before the image's name but i can't remember what it was. please help
  14. antega34

    Reserve Party Size

    Hey everyone! I'm currently trying to figure out a method to have a overall party size of 10 with 4 party members that can battle, 6 reserves, and a bunch more (34 in my case haha) that are recruited but do not tag a long with the party in a sort of storage or guild place, ala Pokemon's pc...
  15. [MV]Yanfly's Core Engine doesn't resize the project

    Hello, i've been using Rpg maker Mv for 2 months or so (i have previous experience with XP), but after finishing my project, i've encountered a problem: The Yanfly's Core Engine doesn't resize the screen on the editor!! Is this issue only on the editor (test game function)? Because in the yanfly...
  16. Hyreal

    Resizing the Name Box in Yanfly's Message Core

    Hello I've been looking around for awhile now and can't find any related topic to this so I will try my luck and ask. I'm wondering how to increase or decrease the size of the Name Window that appears when using Yanflys Message Core Plugin. I don't want to change the Text Size, I want to...
  17. Lonewulf123

    Resizing Request

    Hello all, Long, story short, I need some help resizing my sprites for VX ACe I've decided to take my own shot a creating my own graphics. I've made a template for my sprites so it will be easier (the top left character). I decided to test the animation of the character in the game...
  18. Sizes for custom character sprites

    Hi. I'm making a fangame atm and I want to draw my own sprites for it, instead of using the sprites that come with RPG Maker. However, my sprites are a lot bigger than the standard ones. I looked online and it says that, to make the characters appear properly, I need to put them in a 3 * 4 grid...
  19. jjbones123

    How to set specific resolutions for window size?

    Okay so, i'm not entirely sure how to word this, but i'm try: I'm using the Fullscreen++ script. It allows you to fullscreen games made in RPG Maker by pressing F5 and you're able to choose from 3 different resolutions using F6. For the game I am currently making, I have a very specific...
  20. Enlarge sprite sizes

    I'm pretty new to the whole RPG Maker thing, currently using RPG Maker MV. I dislike how little everything is, so I want to enlarge every sprite but without having to resort to a photo editor to edit literally everything. I could almost get exactly what I wanted by using Yanfly Core plugin to...

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