1. Creating Larger Tilesets.

    I've found that you have to create a tileset as 256x512; What I'm trying to figure out is there a way to create a 512x1024 or anything? I've got quite a few tiles I need to import into Panel A as ground, but not sure how I should go about this. Thanks!
  2. Troop size placement problem!

    My troop placement is problematic! The game res is 1920x1080, when trying to make troops, the troop maker window in the manager doesnt allow me to place my enemies where i want. The default window is too small, even when i have changed the battleback to one of game res. and so the enemies...
  3. Map size.

    Hello,  I was wondering if there was a way to increase the size of the map beyond 500 by 500.  I say a thread on MV where you can edit the map file, but it didn't seem to work for VX Ace as i couldn't find the hight or width, or even 500 written in the map.rvdata2, Looking at the other...
  4. Size submenu to game window width?

    How do I get that the battle scenes in the submenu line of the window the same size as the actual game window width? Since the menu window incomplete or do not have the width of the same length. I mean that window where is/show thease player characher name / hp was?
  5. Fictionary88

    How do I import characters if their sprites are smaller?

    I'm a total noob to this program, but want desperately to become a game designer. Anyway. I have a set of sprites ready for my main character (their walking animation, anyway), but they're smaller than the sprites the game comes with. I could alter their size to fit into the standard...
  6. Rikifive

    Window Selectables - Item/Rect Size

    I'm terrible when it comes to work with default scripts and I've run into a silly trouble that apparently I can't solve. Currently I'm working on the party window that allows to select a member when using an item/skill, nothing special. The window automatically divides its height into...
  7. adinmilo

    Sprites Resolutions and Frames

    Hey guys.  First time poster here. Me and my friends just started playing around in RPG maker and wanted to start making a game, but I have some questions first.  1. SIZES: When assigning art to a actor in the database you have to have three different sizes of art for the different uses...
  8. ScytheMeister94

    RPG Maker MV Screen Size?

    While I love scrolling on google looking for the question to already be asked, it would seem it has not or not correctly. I am trying to have a picture stretch the whole screen but I can't with out the screens default resolution size. Anybody know?
  9. CharismaticGamer

    Resizing the menu?

    Ok so heres the problem :/ I'm trying to make a game and the progress is going splendid. I'm doing it in this resolution Graphics.resize_screen(480, 272) . The only problem I have is making the menu fit. I realize this was a problem when I was trying to change my weapon. I couldn't see it. So i...
  10. Jenovation

    Changing frame/window sizes in menus.

    Hi, I am trying to customize the native MV main menu scenes, but I am having a hard time figuring out how the individual windows in each scene are sized. Does anyone know how to change the size of the windows drawn, for example I would like the Item Info window to be more narrow or the...
  11. tilesets

    Hello,      My issue should have a simple fix. I bought the high fantasy bundle and medieval interiors and the resources are not importing correctly into the map editor. They look fine initially, but when I go to use them as A, B,C , D or E tiles they are often cut off, only allowing me to...
  12. Atlas Rose

    Keeping file size down?

    I notice a lot of people will complain if a file size is too big because it will take a long time to download. How big is considered big? Also, how do you keep the size down? I know the more maps and such (especially parallax) the bigger it will be, but that's about all I know.
  13. Sprite and tileset

    Just wondering if vx and ace have the same tileset and Sprite size. Dumb I know but humor me. :D
  14. chibiwhitemage

    RPG Maker MV Sideview Battle Sprite Size

    Can I make a custom sized sideview battle sprite, and it work with the default sideview battle system? Because I plan on doing all custom pixel art for my game, and I want taller sprites for more detail.
  15. Jenovation

    Show anchored Picture larger than game screen.

    Hi, Currently when we use the Show Picture option the image displayed is stuck as an 'overlay' and stays hovering above the screen even when we move around a larger map. Is there a way to have Pictures not behave like this? For example to have a larger image that extends beyond our game...
  16. Soatz

    New Years RESOLUTIONS Problem T___T

    Hello dear friends, even if many people like the new HD 48x48 tiles, I’m very tight to old fancy graphics, with 16x16 tiles! I’m trying to make a game with extremely low resolution,similar to old SNES cool rpgs (about 256x224! Awhwawhahwah terrific isn’t it? ^^) I’ve faced some problems...
  17. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    How do I edit the Yanfly Battle Engine Hud?

    Hi everyone, I'm using Yanfly Ace and the Battle Engine as scripts in my game.  I noticed that the combat hud that is diplayed on the bottom of the screen during the players turn has a lot of room on the right of the commands: Attack Magic Guard Items Here is a picture (the first one)...
  18. Side-Scrolling Adventure Game

    Hi Guys Well, i'm currently evaluating some engines for an Adventure Game i'm planning. There won't be any combat or stats, only dialogues, an inventory and portrait animation. The whole thing should be from a Sidescroller View. I've seen it being done in RPG Maker on YouTube and it looks...
  19. Waterfall Splash - Alternative Size

    Hi. I was bothered by the waterfall splash width in !Other2, and decided to adjust it. Free for use in commercial. No credits needed. Screenshots - before and after using the modified splash (it's animated, but the screenshots below won't show you the animation). < Before // After >...
  20. Zabu

    YEP MessageCore, trouble with size of font.

    Hello everyone! I searched on the forum and didn't find what i was looking for, so i open a new thread. Sorry if i'm in the wrong topic, but i think it's gonna be good. So, i've few problem with the Message Core, i used it for change the font of my game, i tried few font and the size will...

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