1. Korros

    Change tile size 32x32

    Hello, I just got MV and I'm trying to export a project that I was working on VX Ace and what I seem to notice is that the tiles don't match up. In VX Ace the tiles were 32x32 and apparently now the tiles are a different size. Any help with this? How could I change the game to accept 32x32...
  2. Problem with a door

    I'm having a strange problem with a door, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I feel like a total newbie here (maybe because I am indeed a total newbie :D ). So, I was editing a door here, and I made sure the grid has the door on 3 columns and 4 rows of the same size: (I lowered the door...
  3. MeowFace

    Change Follower Numbers on Map (Caterpillar Size)

    Made for a request here. This script allows the changing of caterpillar size to more(or less) than 4 without effecting the battler members size. Features: Able to change the visible followers size to more(or less) than 4 without changing the battler members size How to Use: [1] Paste the...
  4. Nico Kaneo

    Which house size do you prefer?

  5. Resizing tiles for MV

    Introduction Hi. This is my first tutorial. This is a simple guide, and my favorite method to resize tiles and tilesets from 32x32 to 48x48. This guide can be useless, because I don't know if we will can use 32x32 tilesets in MV with a plugin, but in anycase, this may help if you plan to use...
  6. nilson

    Messed up Battle Log - Not sure where to revert

    Pretty embarrassed about this one haha...! A week or so ago, I was editing my windows. I go into the game today to test out a battle, and see that the battle log is a big too long...I'm not sure which piece of the code is specifically for this to revert it back to normal. You'll see that I have...
  7. RedEon

    Customize Galv's Use Item On Event - Window Size and Place

    Hello guys !  BD So, I'm using the Galv's Use Item on Event 1.4 script for RPG Maker VX Ace [ ] I've tried to figure out how to change the window size and place to something like in Mad Father. But, obviously, I failed  ;_; I'm searching...
  8. cockroach

    8-Actor Party

    8-Actor-Party This is a very simple edit I have made so the RMXP engine allows 8 heroes and show them in all the instances necessary. It consists mostly of firstly allowing the party to have 8 heroes, then tweaking the MenuStatus, the Shop, Item Usage, the default Battle System, the Save...
  9. Khas Light + Screen Resolution

    Alrighty, so I'm using KALE, which is rad and all... But it does the clipping thing when the window is bigger than default. I don't see anywhere in KALE where I can edit the read resolution, and I didn't wanna fiddle with it before I got around...
  10. TMS

    Game Window Size

    I think that my game window is the wrong size. When using one of the default title graphics or a map of the default size (17 x 13), there are black bars on either side of the screen. The messages are set to fill the entire width of the screen, but it's a minor problem for the other stuff. Also...
  11. _Shadow_

    [RTP] Question Keeping Unused Resources out.

    Okay here comes a strange question I have. Let's say I installed VX ACE. Now I wanna have RTP included in my game so it will be playable without the end user be forced to donwload the RTP. Yeah I can do that. What it does though is adding 180MB to the project. So here comes my question. Can...
  12. Evan Finkel

    Small sized RPG (RGSS3)

    Hello, I was wondering if someone know the code to scale down any RPG made in RPG Maker VXAce? * Example RPGs Halloween Flop By Yato Halloween Bash By Yato
  13. Can't find a way to change menu size from a script

    hey guys, So the problem is, I'm making a horror game, and i managed to take all the extra options that wont be used, but I can't change the size of the menu, its still using the whole screen. Here is a screenshot: And this is the script I'm using...
  14. Will_The_Ghost

    Sprite Question 2

    So I did a little work on my sprites after my last post. My sprites have shrunk increasingly. Now they look like they could work for RPG Maker XP. There are some sprites from projects including: Uplift Colonization Ark Fatherland Would these work better? Because I think there is a script...
  15. Will_The_Ghost

    Sprite Size Question

    I had a question about the size of my sprites and the comparative size of a tileset. I use pretty large sprites. About 3X the size of a standard RPG Make VX Ace sprite (check below for size comparison). Would I have to re-design a tileset in order to accommodate the size of my sprites or could I...
  16. jjppof

    Insert objects with any size

    I want to insert any size object in rpg maker, is there a way to do this like the example in the image. The image file has 12x6 squares (384x192 px), each object has 4x6 squares. 1, 2 and 3 are the components of the stepping animation.
  17. Font Expertise needed

    Hello I am fairly new to the VX version of software, and I am currently working on a Pokemon game. I Want this game to have:  -Black font -Black as default so its in the menus as well -No font borders  -a way to test and change the default font -A unique cursor for selecting. Not the box...
  18. GIMP help, behaviors of the different graphic 'types' when imported

    Ok so I am trying to edit some tilesets/graphics/etc into sheets that would work with the events system. But files under the 'Characters' Graphics file seem to have some kind of formula to it. I looked around but didn't find an answer. So my questions are: How does the prefix affect the...
  19. Silent Darkness

    Is there a way to make the shadow pen bigger?

    I'm wondering, is there some way to make the shadow pen tool bigger than a quarter of a tile? The maps i'm working on atm require lots of dark shadowyness everywhere, and it's a bit of a hassle to swath the tiny shadow pen tool everywhere.
  20. Help With Interior/Exterior of Houses

    Hi, I was wondering, is there a specific ratio that can be used to create good size interiors, for an exterior house? thanks in advanced

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