1. A Way to Make Animation Frames Bigger?

    Hey guys, I'm making a spell using Water 1 from the RPG Maker engine, basically what I want to do is make several bubbles & then make a large explosion in the middle of them at the end using the bubble explosion from Water 1. Is there a way to make certain cells bigger than they originally are?
  2. Ninjaroy

    Changing Size Of My Sprite

    Hello there. Can somebody awesome please resize the attached sprite to be two tiles tall but not look stupid and stretched. Even if you have to add more to it. I know how to make a sprite a bigger size by adding $ to the file's name, but I can't resize the little dude without it turning out...
  3. Korros

    How to make MACK size characters for VX Ace

    I don't like chibi characters in RPG Maker VX Ace, and I know it's not the fault of the makers that they aren't able to make awesome characters (it's a horrible feeling u..u) so one dayI found a character generator for XP characters (which are MACK) and I was like OMG oAo, but the problem was...

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