1. gothicvoid

    [GothicVoid]'s Additions-New Animated Doodads

    Everything i have made so far I have done so using the default tilesets that come with the MV software- UNLESS I HAVE OTHERWISE STATED.... So please make sure you give credit where its due cause we work hard to bring FREE edits or original content to you for your game! I hope you like...
  2. Vervain


    Hello~~. It is I, the shimmering Vervain! I used to be around on rpg maker forums two centuries ago, back in the xp days, but I haven't messed with the engine in forever. Luckily the basics don't change drastically between versions... My main creative project at the moment is a...
  3. White_Dreams

    Skeleton Generator Part

    Don't know if anyone has done this. But since I did it, might as well share it. These are not mine. Merely edited them to fit the Generator. The resources used here are from; Chalkdust, & AlephNull All credits goes to the respected Creators! Download: Note: - Much useful...
  4. Need Help Identifying Sprite Sheet

    I apologize if this is not the appropriate sub-forum to post this. If it's not, please move this thread. Apparently I have been registered here since 2013, but I think this will by my first post. Recently, in a project that I am a member of, we discovered assets that were added that were not...
  5. KanaX

    Spriter Plugin

    Spriter Plugin v.1.3.5 KanaX Introduction Allows user to utilize Spriter Pro save files and sprite parts for Skeletal Animations Features Using Spriter, it is easy to create functional, fluid, expressive animations with sprite parts, without needing to create large numbers of sprite sheets...
  6. Tuomo L

    [MV]Downed Skeleton

    Here's something for a completionist sake and for something I realized that I'd need for a project. We have a Naked Skeleton, Face and Battler but we haven't got a downed sprite. Would anyone be able to make a downed sprite for the skeleton, so that we could complete the set?
  7. Worldbuilder88

    A Skeletal Staff

    No, NOT THE KIND YOU CARRY. What I need are walk sprites in the normal chibi style for RMMV of a skeleton household staff. Specifically, a butler, a French maid, a gardener, and a chef. Also, one generic skeleton walk sprite. Any help with these boney servants is appreciated. Thanks for reading...
  8. AlephNull

    Aleph Null's Resources (Update 7/3/16: Weapon Icons)

    Being the thread in which I post the various bits and sundries I've cobbled together so that someone can hopefully get some use out of them. TERMS OF USE You may use any resources posted here in commercial or non-commercial games, provided the appropriate parties are credited1. A copy of...
  9. Juanson

    Looking for a Skeleton battler model.

    So I'm making a game with RPG maker mv and Need a animated Skeleton Battler for one of my Character's Im new here and wanted to know if there are any I could use, or if there parts I can get for the character generator that could make a Skeleton, Since he is A Human Skeleton with a deer Skull...
  10. xcom

    Need shadows added to a battler

    EDIT: This is a edit to a earlier post. I found a battler to use, but it doesn't have a shadow on the ground.  I was hoping that someone could add one for me please. Thanks!

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