1. LesserL

    LesserL's thingies

    Gonna post here random stuff, mostly artwork. Here's a someone I made in MZ character creator and then just sketched:
  2. l8rose

    L8rose's Workshop [Sketches] [Open - 10/19/21

    Apologies ahead of time if this doesn't quite fit the Workshop idea. Alright, as some folks have probably noticed, I like to sketch. A lot. Sketching is in fact my destresser of choice. The thing is that I sketch so much that I sometimes run out of ideas on what to sketch. So this workshop is...
  3. Devselia

    Art Shmart

    I couldn't think of a clever title ^^; anyways from sketches to finished, I'll post my art here. I like drawing many things, but I do have an affinity for horror and fantasy. If I ever draw anything that would be higher than a G rating or risqué I'll put it in the spoiler thing and mark it...
  4. Shenic

    Need a reference sketch. Any good artists out there?

    It's been a while since I requested help here. I'm not sure where to post this, sorry if it's the wrong place to do it. So, I'm working on my RPG and I wanted to use some 3D rendered images in anime style in the middle of some cutscenes. The problem is: I cant find a proper reference sketch...
  5. Leanne

    A Challenge to Self: Inktober 2017! \(*O*)/ ~ <3

    Heyaaa~! *O*)/ Leanne here and welcome to this thread~! ;) I've been seeing lotsa art posts regarding "Inktober" where people draw traditionally using ballpen, water brush pen, marker and other "ink" medias. Jake Parker was the first one to start this trend. His goal was to improve his inking...
  6. l8rose

    L8rose's Art Stuffs

    I figure a thread is better then falling into the habit of spamming the other art thread every couple of days as that would eventually happen. -coughs- This first post will generally be updated with the second to newest things on the thread but always see the newest posts for the newer sketches...
  7. Naonee

    Naonee`s character design and sketches, art

    Welcome! So yeah I love drawing and designing characters/creatures. I don`t have really experience working with games but that`s why I am here now. I really like to be part of game creating team if it is possible with my skill level. I can also change my style to fit your game. I am myself not...
  8. richter_h

    richter_h's Gallery

    Better late than nothing...  Hello and welcome to richter_h's Gallery!   -- ♦ --   Well, fella, people know me as a game designer and currently level designer, but do you know that once I'm an artist, too? Indeed, I tend to spend my spare time to draw things especially characters, as I like...
  9. Clareain_Christopher

    C_C's Line & Colors

    Hey guys, CC here. I will be posting warm up drawings and concept sketches. Criticism is welcome, of course.  You're free to request art, but don't expect it.  I tried my best not to overwork anything; something that tends to happen a lot. I started using the paint bucket tool, which saves a...
  10. HaruAkira

    [UPDATED] HaruAkira's sketchbook!

    **Update** I've started my own youtube channel dedicated to art tutorials! This is my very first time lapse painting of Amon from Tokyo Ghoul! Please take a look. Really appreciate it if you could leave a like and subscribe :) Thanks! Just trying out my very first post and...

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