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  1. DestroyDX

    RMMV Sphere grid plug-in

    Hey there game makers does anyone know how to make a sphere grid in RPG maker MV like the one in Final Fantasy X
  2. Puppet Knight

    RMMZ Using Common Events to control Switches

    Hello all! I am struggling to understand how to set up (what I assume needs to be ) a common event that triggers a switch = ON when a skill is learned as well when a skill is used outside of battle Ex 1: If Actor A learns Skill B Turn Switch C ON Ex 2: If Actor X Uses Skill Y...
  3. How to control and change in game extra and special parameters?

    Hello guys, I have a doubt about extra and special parameters, I'm trying to create my own skill tree model using only events, but I can't control and change the others paramaters using events commands as is possible with base parameters using the command "Change Parameters". I try to search foa...
  4. KTRay0405

    RMMV [CLOSED] Skill Tree on Main Menu

    What would be the javascript code for the skill tree (I'm using Felskis Skilltree)? I want to add it to the menu through YEP_MainMenuManager since it's not showing up.
  5. hoboayoyo

    How to make a dynamic skill system based off equipment?

    Skill system: The player can equip a gem/materia/crystal to a character and their skill will change depending on what elemental gem was equipped. (fire, water, wind, earth) for example : Slash becomes fire slash with a fire gem. Removing a gem reverts the skill back to the previous one. On top...
  6. RMMZ Skill Tree Plugin

    I’d like to make a plug-in request for RPG maker MZ. This is for a skill tree plug-in, like those found in Etrian Odyssey. The key feature in this game that I would like the most is, like in those games, you can spend skill points to level up already learned skills.
  7. check Exp in events

    Greetings, its me again! I have a new project, and i wanted to ad a costum leveling system that lets you choose a new skill /parameter change for each level. i messed arround with some common events and variables to set up what should happen, but encountered a problem: the trigger. I settled...
  8. Yawgmoth

    Felski_Tech Tree Plugin Problems

    Hi all, I've been working with this new plugin I found. Felski_Tech Tree Plugin. You can find the plugin and relevant information including a demo at anyways when I play test the game and hit the escape button to bring up the main menu I receive an error...
  9. Ameer

    Game Publishing

    Hey i want to ask about Publishing i am creating a game and i am not even on Facebook and twitter . So i was thinking about a publisher are there any good publishers for my game being made in Rpg maker mv and it's really not using too much of default mechanics contains an in-depth battle System...
  10. SomeFire

    Skill Trees System

    Skill Trees System: v1.10 by SomeFire Introduction This plugin allows you to create skill trees like in Diablo. Plugin is based on Emerald's Skill Trees for VX Ace. Screenshots Features - Old school skill trees. - Trees are shown in a separate scene, which can be opened in any way you want. -...
  11. JGreene

    Skill Tree Using Eventing/Scripting

    In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to create your own skill tree using events and the help of a few plugins. This is an open ended feature of which there seems to be very little actual support for in MV. So that's why I've made this tutorial for you! Hope you enjoy! Happy RPG making...
  12. JGreene

    Skill Tree for MV

    So, after failing to find a suitable option for a skill tree plugin, I decided to mess around with the idea of a custom skill tree of my own. I think it worked out the way I intended, and is fairly light on processing. It just takes quite a bit of eventing and scripting knowledge to program...
  13. LucasRiot

    Skill Tree/JP (Pictures) - RMMV ~ Request

    There's a Skill Tree system which allows you to unlock skills through pictures. I've already found 1 plugin but it doesn't use pictures. I was imagining a system similar to Crystarium Expansion - Final Fantasy 13 Also it has a script for VXAce (RGSS3)...
  14. Milennin

    Skill tree preferences?

    I've been thinking about skill trees in RPGs... for those unfamiliar: at certain points in the game (level-up, event etc.), a character can choose between 2 or more different skills, either variations of the same skill, or ones that are entirely different from each other. So, I was wondering...
  15. ActualAwesome.MAKER

    Any good suggestions for Skill Tree plugins?

    I wanna find the best skill tree plugin, since when I try searching it up on Steam, it doesn't even give me skill tree plugins.
  16. Reapergurl

    Elder Scrolls Skill System?

    I've always wondered what it would be like to have a skill system much like in the Elder Scrolls games, so that leveling up and getting better involves only skills getting better. Has anyone ever tried to implement such a system, or close to it? Could it be done with variables? I know that...
  17. Arithmetician

    Skill Tree Theory and Design: Size, Leveled Skills, Balance, etc.

    Skill / talent trees are a way of granting the player choice in developing their character, particularly within the confines of a fixed class.  Yet balancing them is rather difficult.   How many skills does a good skill tree have?  Should skills be purchased with skill points from level ups...
  18. Stormmer

    Article on Skill Trees

    Skill trees and talent trees are things you see in a lot of video games, including genres which previously had no common ground with RPGs. In this article I talk about some of the aspects a skill tree possesses, such as its shape, its restrictions and others, as well as touching a little bit of...
  19. Skill Tree in MV?

    Hello, I'm working on creating skills and spells for my characters. Is there any way to implement skill trees in MV? Right now I can only see resources for older RM versions. Thanks!
  20. Raizen

    Lune Unlimited Skill Tree

    Lune Unlimited Skill Tree   Compatible with: RMVXAce Compatibility :excelent Difficulty to use: medium Processing demand?: medium   Using condition Portuguese user? Portuguese Script link   Can be modified and advertise, but keep credits to me     Script Usage and Features   The script...

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