skill types

  1. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMV Plugin that hides skill types when actor doesn't know those skills?

    For context: I've been working on a game that has three skill types: Feats for physical skills, Miracles for magic-based skills, and Gambits for desperation-type skills. Though only Feats and Miracles can be voluntarily taught. This game uses Yanfly's Attachable Augments plugin to equip...
  2. BurningOrca

    Alternate Actor Command Window in Battle Scene

    Introduction: I was unsatisfied with the actor command window during battle. For me it was too unorganized with all the skill types the actor can use being directly added to it like this: Features: I'd rather have the commands for the 'Attack', 'Skills', 'Guard' and 'Items' data base texts...
  3. BurningOrca

    [Solved] Skill Type List Subwindow for Scene_Battle

    Please ignore everything written down below. I've only asked because I wasn't able to do that on my own on the first try. But I gave it another try and this time I figured out, why it didn't work on the first try and actually did it on my own. So by default all the skill types are added to...
  4. Greyman972

    Disable Weapon Traits when using Dual Wield

    Disclaimer: This is my first post so if I've done something wrong or posted in the wrong section, I apologize in advance! I'm assigning unique skill types to each weapon type in my game (i.e. weapon skills). I'm using Unlock Skill Type in the weapons traits in order to pull this off. For...
  5. SolemnDream

    Skip Skill Type menus and just go straight to showing Skills

    Can I have a plugin that skips the Skill Type tree both in battle and out of battle? So instead of it showing "Attack, White Magic, Black Magic, Guard, Items" and having to select "White Magic" before I could choose the White Magic type skills "Cure" and "Esuna", it would just show Attack, Cure...
  6. DaklozeDuif

    Skip "Skill Type" selection in menu

    My game only has one skill type. This however, means that whenever someone wants to use a skill from the menu while on the map, they have make one more click than is necessary in order to select a skill: Open Menu > Select Skills > Select Actor > Select Skill Type > Select Skill That's not...
  7. Adding Skill Types during gameplay

    Hi, I'm pretty new to RPG Maker and have been working on a game featuring Jay's Dual Tech System. The problem is that i don't want the players to know that Dual Techs will be available later in the game right from the get go, and they are placed in a seperate Skill Type. Is there any way to hide...
  8. deathsia

    Adding skill types during live gameplay?

    What I would like to know is how to add a new skill type to an actor during gameplay via an event. Like for example:  Chris finds a magic sword and unlocks the magic skill type which was not accessible or visible before because it was not added to them. Now that they found the sword, the...
  9. Bobstah

    Bobstah's Weapon/Armor/Skill Types Extended & Skill/Item Groups - Bypass database type limits!

    Introduction This plugin allows you to add and name skill, weapon, and armor types past the RPGMV limit of 99. It also allows you to group Skills and Items. This functionality does nothing unless a plugin specifically utilizes it. It will not provide any benefit unless you're using a...
  10. Tsukihime

    Managing Skills and Personalizing Actor Skill Types

    This article discusses some techniques for improving the look and feel of your game when it comes to skill commands. I discuss how skills are set up and assigned to actors, realize that everyone uses the same names for their skill command (Special, Magic, etc), and then look at ways to...

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