1. e463gx

    Using skill to gain EXP

    Looking for a plugin, or solution, to award EXP to an actor by using a skill. I've looked at skill mastery and the like, but i am looking for general experience for actual level up. I can award the experience to a specified character, but need it to be based on the character that uses the...
  2. e463gx

    Gaining EXP through Skills

    I'm trying to build a system where an actor gains exp through skill use. I can easily give experience to a certain character, but I would like it to be based on the character that uses the skill. anyone have an easy way?
  3. DigitalWF

    RMMZ Simple plugin request - Auto delete old skill/skill replacer

    Just need a simple plugin that delete a certain skill when a new skill is learned,I want to try using this Ability point plugin by fomar0153 Here what I want to achieve is to make upgradeable skill with lvl,for example, skill X will have level 1-5,and to level up that skill I need to spend...
  4. [Suggestion] Guard Skill Trait

    Now that MZ added a new trait that allows you to give each actor an individual Attack command skill, I think it would be a good idea to introduce the same trait for the Guard command. Description of the Feature: The Guard Skill trait would change the skill used when the actor uses the Guard...
  5. I need help with creating a skill

    The story so far: I'm currently working on a skill called "Combo Strike". It is a 3 hit move with the last hit dealing more damage. While the skill itself has no cooldown, the strong hit has one. If you trigger the skill while the strong hit is on cooldown, the first 2 hits still trigger, the...
  6. Formulas using self variables

    So, in my game I'm making upgrade-able skills, where variables are used to change the cost, potency, number of hits, etc. I quickly realized that this approach under normal means would take up a most of the variables in my game (about 20-25 skills took around 100 variables between them), so I...
  7. DoubleX RMMZ Skill Item Triggers

    Purpose Lets you run some codes set by your notetags on some action execution cases Introduction * 1. This plugin lets you use notetags to set what happens when an * action's just executed, and different cases like miss, evade, counter * attack, magic reflection, critical hit...
  8. Maizarkos

    RPG Maker MV - Skill that becomes stronger based on how many other skills a character learns.

    Hello, my name is Maizarkos. I am wondering if it is possible to create a skill which damage depends on how many other skills are learned. I plan to make an ability called "All-In-One" which takes the damage values of other abilities (and possibly their effects such as paralysis from Thunder)...
  9. kyonides

    SkillKost XP

    SkillKost XP version 1.0.2 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction This is a humble script that should allow you to customize your skill costs in three different ways as I stated in my comments. Take in consideration that I have overwritten 2 methods found in the Default Scripts because I did not...
  10. kyonides

    KEquippedSkills XP

    KEquippedSkills XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction It's a scriptlet that allows you to equip skills aka temporarily learn a skill if a piece of equipment like a weapon or an accessory is currently equipped. There was another scriptlet out there but it sucked :p for it used an iterator...
  11. tale

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle | Special Exhaust Skill

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle - Jun 8, 2016 Creator name: Sasuke KANNAZUKI Overview - AutoBattlePlus.js : add auto battle command and so on. - VeryFastBattle.js : battle exceeds very fast when specified key(s) down. For more information, read plugin help. Video preview Thanks to...
  12. thecursedcometh

    Should I have a Study / Scan skill?

    I currently have a skill in my game that each party member has by default called 'Study'. This reveals the enemy's HP, MP, TP, and stats. However, I feel that it's a rather pointless skill. You can see the enemy's HP as a life bar above them, and I suppose it would be useful for the strategists...
  13. thecursedcometh

    Patch For Frog's Blue Magic Plugin

    I'm using Frog's Blue magic plugin, as it's the only one that has the features I'm looking for. It allows you to learn skills by witnessing the enemy use it =(Mage doesn't have to be the target), and it displays a text box when the mage learns something. However, it has two issues that I can't...
  14. thecursedcometh

    (Yanfly Skill Core) Removing HP cost of skills ONLY for enemies?

    In my game, many skills cost a percentage of HP rather than MP. However, this has created an issue where bosses will drain their own health very quickly with only a couple skills. Right now, my solution has been to make a duplicate of every skill, one that costs HP (for the player), and one that...
  15. thecursedcometh

    Yanfly Passive States and Equip Battle Skills: How to disable passive skills when not equipped?

    I'm using both Yanfly's Passive States and Equip Skills. Unfortunately, I've run into an issue where passive state added by skills are applied regardless of whether or not they're equipped. Is there any way to fix this? For example: I have a skill called Fire Enhancer that increases Fire damage...
  16. BGarriz

    Berserker skill creation

    Hi guys After many research about the topic i came to the conclussion that i'll need yanfly target core to make it but i can't afford to buy it so i am trying solutions to finally create it: The skill (Berserk from now on) need to be a passive in which the actor use the skill whenever another...
  17. Assigning a weapon multiple types

    Hello! So the title is somewhat self explanatory, but let me go into more detail: I'm working on a game where the player will be able to learn all their combat skills from skill trees. For magic it's not a problem, but weapon abilities, I planned on having there be separate trees for each...
  18. thecursedcometh

    Show Next Unlockable Skill On Actor?

    I'm looking for a script that shows the next unlockable skill in an actor's menu. I'm not sure if it should be in the Status or Skills menu, but I'd say Status fits more. It would be good if it's compatible with Yanfly's Cores, as I'm using those. I've looked around the forums and master list...
  19. Transfer Knowledge Skill

    Hi guys, I'm looking to make a skill in my game called Transfer Knowledge (ID: 90) that can select one of the skills of the caster and give a copy of that skill to an ally for the rest of the battle. I would be using a Skill Equip system like Yanfly's Equip Battle Skills plugin, where each...
  20. knocz06

    Skill that needs like, sorta build-up skills to execute

    So I need a plugin (or any sort of ways) to do the build up skills. Like for example : The actor wants to cast skill Z, but in order to do that the actor needs to cast : Skill A, Skill B, then Skill C (yes, in that order) Skill Z gonna be casted automatically after the actor successfully...

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