1. Animebryan

    Making a skill with Random Effects

    Is there a way to make a skill that has random effects? Like the Chance spell from the Dragon Quest series.
  2. MarxMayhem

    [MV] Increase/Decrease Columns for Skills

    Hopefully I'm posting in the right place... In my game, I use a higher resolution than the MV default. As a result, there's a lot of vacant space in the Skills option with the default 2 columns. My request is to have an increased column count (at least 3) so the UI feels more compact and, if...
  3. gundriveth

    Learn a skill from random pool?

    Hello! how to make different choices each time player access it, and that can be used to learn a random skill? So, it will take a 3 random skill from a range of skills, and then put it in 'Show Choice'. The 'Show Choice' will change with each new skill put in there. I get the picture, but not...
  4. Need Help on custom skills!!!

    Hi everyone! I am a beginner of RPG maker MV. I want to create a skill which has the effect like: "If an enemy was executed by this skill, permanently increase the ability of the caster (such like attack, resis or Max HP) for x." Does anyone know how to achieve this in the game? Or does anyone...
  5. DoubleX RMMV Skill Progress

    Note This plugin's available for commercial use Purpose Lets you to set some skills to progress to some other skills after gaining enough skill experience and meeting some prerequisites Introduction Videos Games using this plugin None so far Parameters Notetags Script Calls Plugin...
  6. Skill that inflict more damage when allies are dead

    Hi Everyone, I would like to make a skill that increase the damage depending on how many allies are dead in the party. I am realy not good at formules and i tried to look if there is a possibility to count how many allies are dead, but i didn't found. Is there a formule or a way with Yanfly...
  7. How to make an "unbalance" or "stagger" mechanic in MV?

    I'm trying to make a skill where you parry the physical attack of an enemy, counter them and have the counter attack stagger them, making them lose a turn. How do I do it? Also, if possible, a deflect mechanic that bounces projectile attacks back to a random enemy.
  8. SuperSuck64

    Immediately close menu screen after using a skill

    Hey there, first post. I'm trying to make it so that when the player uses a skill from the pause menu (that can also only be used from the pause menu), the menu instantly closes, either to initiate a cutscene or inform the player said skill doesn't work on this map. I have the skill's scope...
  9. Bleh

    Yanfly buff/state core counter questions

    Hello ! I'm trying to make a skill that hits harder every time you hit the same target, and decreases in power every turn you don't hit the target with the skill. So I was thinking it'd be easiest to use yanfly's buff&state core as I remembered it had a state counter fonctionality which would...
  10. Geovid

    Questions regarding battle formula -variable hit%

    Hello quick question Anyway to change the hit% of a skill through variables or switches? Trying to make a proficiency system where certain skills get increased hit chance the greater a variable is. Can I do it in the engine or do I need a plugin. If plugin, know of any? ty if you can help...
  11. TheDrifter

    Can you create a skill that unequips the user's weapon or shield?

    There's an event command that can change an Actor's Equipment, but it asks for a specific Actor. Is there a way to create a skill that unequips the user's weapon or shield, regardless of which Actor is the user, and without the use of states that lock or seal an equipment slot? (The equipment...
  12. Halvgrim

    RPG Maker MV - Common event trigerd by skill?

    Hi smart people. I am making a game about the struggles of a small business owner. And I want to throw a business card at a customer(monster) in order to make them drop a job (item). It is basically a pokeball mechanic im looking to make. This is what i have so far: I have created a skill...
  13. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's Leech Seed - But remade for MP?

    Yanfly made a lot of useful Tips n Tricks videos, including how to make the Leech Seed skill from the Pokemon games. I'd like to make a skill in the same way, but have it leech MP instead of HP. Yanfly's setup is this. First there's a skill, this skill is very simple and all it does is applying...
  14. Vis_Mage

    Yanfly Buff and States Core - Determine Last Used Skill ID

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me create a passive skill tag (using Yanflys Buffs and States Core) that I can use to get the ID of the last used skill? I actually have gotten a bit of help with this a while back, and was given the...
  15. Pastel_Panda

    Attack + Inflict Self-Status?

    So I want to include a sort of "berserker" skill in a project. This skill does damage to all enemies, but it also inflicts confusion on the user. Problem is, I'm not quite sure how to go about doing it. I tried adding it into the damage formula like so: a.atk + (a.atk * 4 - b.def *2)...
  16. tale

    Hidden Skill/ Item Switch

    Hidden Skill Switch 2019/12/15 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Introduction Possible to create hidden skill/items with a switch through note tag. Feature If specified switch is ON, certain skill/ item won't show in the list (unusable) <Usage> Put the following tag in the Note box for skill...
  17. Captain_Joshua

    Problem with delayed skill/skill that activates upon state running out.

    I am trying to create a skill that has the user fly up into the air for 1 turn before going down and striking the opponent, think the Fly/Dig move from pokemon. It´s based on the Dragoon Jump skill from Yanfly. // Action Sequences // Setup: Jump animation. <Setup Action> display action perform...
  18. t1slam

    Enemy uses skill despite condition becoming unappliable during the turn

    I am trying to create a mechanic where enemy has to prepare itself in two steps before making powerful attack, while player being able to stop him by dealing damage during the preparation phase. It works like that: 1. If enemy has no 'weapon prepared' and 'aiming' states enemy uses skill...
  19. tale

    [Soluna Software] 9 Animation Effects (reformat)

    I reformatted Soluna Software animation effects from opengameart into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. Download includes 9 images (png)- Aura, 4 effects, 4 explosions Preview License- Public Domain (CC0) Use this as you like. You do not need to credit Soluna Software Author's website...
  20. tale

    Damage Formula Extension

    Damage Formula Extension 2017/01/28 Creator name: Triacontane Introduction More functions that can be used for damage formula calculation. How to Use Input function for skill damage formula in database. Example(a.plus_atk), (b.plus_def) Formula functions list: plus_atk(percent, value)...

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