1. Random skill given to character in each turn of the battle

    HI I'm trying to make a special battle system where in each turn, the character's four skills get randomized in a pool of 100 skills, so each turn the character will have different and random skills. Is there any way to do this? Also I want it to skip straight to the skill selection when...
  2. kyonides

    KBackFire VX

    KBackFire VX version by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Have you ever dreamed of letting your heroes suffer the consequences of using a skill that is too powerful for such weaklings? Well, now :rhappy: Ralph knows how it feels like. By the way, I don't know how the ghosts can stand him even...
  3. kyonides

    KBackFire XP

    KBackFire XP version by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Have you ever dreamed of letting your heroes suffer the consequences of using a skill that is too powerful for such weaklings? Well, now :ahappy: Alex aka Aluxes knows how it feels like. By the way, I don't know how the ghosts can stand...
  4. Manthra

    Refresh script? Krade Equipment Skills Script

    Hi, still me! So, I found this nice script that easily allows you to learn a certain skill as long as you equip a certain weapon. (Script in here, but if it's better to copy it in this thread I will do so!) It works but I noticed that you cannot use a new learnt skill, although it appears in the...
  5. pedrocarsamar

    I can't revive an ally through skills

    Hello, everyone. I made a skill to revive dead allies, but it doesn't work. If I use it on an alive ally, it will heal her HP. But if I use it on an ally who's dead, the skill will ignore the target and heal a random ally that is alive. I have a screenshot of the database. It's in portuguese...
  6. Random Skill

    I have been trying to create a skill which chooses, randomly from all the skills in the game, and executes the skill. If there is a script or plugin that could allow me to do so, I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. making skills usable only when a variable is fulfilled

    I want to make a skill that's only usable when a variable is above or below a certain value. How do i do this? My game involves a special battle mechanic. The game seems to only let you set required weapons and not variable conditions. Also, i would like to have certain event pages in the troop...
  8. Skill option replaced with one of the skill types

    Somehow in my game, the Skill option in the battle menu is replaced by one of the skill types (In my case, it's called Clip), and when i select it during battle i can only use skill of that type. When i tries to reduce the skill types to just one, it instead shows "undefined" in place of the...
  9. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Custom MP System using Yanfly's Skill Core and Yanfly's Buff and State Core

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me with creating a custom MP system, using a combination of Yanfly's Skill Core, and Yanfly's Buffs and States Core? What I'm trying to do is create a system where a party member can spend their turn calling upon an elemental spirit (one per turn, up to 3...
  10. DeyJay5

    Script to calculate attack success rate by skill

    Essentially what I need is a script that allows certain skills to have a success rate calculated by the characters stats. For example, I would like a skill that has a hit success rate of 100% - victims luck. So for example if the players luck was 47, the skill would have a 53% chance of hitting...

    RMMZ Skill Cap and Skill Switch

    Hey Developers, is there any sort of way I can make a skill cap that an actor can have similar to OMORI? Then, when the player wants, they can switch out 1 of the 4 skills (at a time of course) for a stronger one. Is there anything like this for MZ?
  12. Austintatious

    Halve skill damage every time skill is used in battle

    I want individual skills to do less damage the more you use them to force players to mix up which skills they use. They'd all return to standard damage output at the start of the next battle. What would be the best way to go about this? I'm thinking I'd need separate variables for each skill for...
  13. ScorchedGround

    Keywords for approximating damage in skill descriptions

    So for my skill descriptions, I want to give the player an approximation of how powerful a skill is going to be. And for the sake of consistency, I want to have fixed "keywords" for certain damage thresholds. The core line usually goes something like this: "[...] deals moderate damage [...]"...
  14. BEP

    (RMMV) How to make a skill that takes a turn to charge?

    So, I'm trying to make a move for one of my characters that takes one turn to charge it, and then the next turn he uses the move for real. Except, I kind of don't really know how to do this, there doesn't seem to be any options to make a skill that works this way. Does anyone know how can I make...
  15. anyone got any skill or item names?

    so im not very creative and i tried using a item/skill name generator and that was pretty bad none of the generated item or skill names fit very well they where all very serious and sort of made no sense for my game like what is a walker of shattered worlds i wanna add more items for the player...
  16. How to make enemy do magic atk once

    So i have a attack i want a boss and a miniboss to use once when you fight them
  17. RMMV (universal) skill level up/point request

    combination of skill level-up & skill mastery I'm looking for a skill level-up plugin. I know there are some, but not what it is. So instead of 'use skill to gain exp', every level up gains 1 sp point. that sp point will be used for upgrade skills. actors can learn skills when they reach a...
  18. hoboayoyo

    Customized Equip / skill preview menu.

    So i want to try to make a custom menu for my skill system that goes as follows. 1: Select your character 2: Select to seams crystal (armor) you want that character to equip(id like to be able to equip up to 2. 3: Show what skills will be changed when that seams is highlighted (before you...
  19. Franz_Pantalon

    RMMV Casting time

    Hello everyone, I am quite new to the RPG maker scene, so please excuse my question if it is trivial. I have been intensively looking for a mean to introduce casting times in a game. This should push characters intending to use powerful skills to be vulnerable for a certain duration requested...
  20. ts50

    RMMV Variable that changes default attack skill

    For RPG Maker MV, by default selecting the attack command uses skill #1, set as "Attack" and just doing basic damage. In my game, I'm using a timed button press system. But I understand that some users strongly dislike timed button systems and/or cannot do them due to a physical inhibition...

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