1. RMMV Skill Tree on Main Menu

    What would be the javascript code for the skill tree (I'm using Felskis Skilltree)? I want to add it to the menu through YEP_MainMenuManager since it's not showing up.
  2. Need help with a glass cannon skill

    I'm trying to make a skill where it's a 50/50 chance either the attacker dies or the defender dies. it's supposed to be a last stand/hail mary option. I set up a common event to determine whether the attacker or defender is picked but the problem rises where the only option for changing health...
  3. atoms

    Does Scope: None in the skill section of the database have a useful purpose?

    Hey everyone, I was looking at the skill section of the database and realised you can choose to Scope None. Does anyone know what that could be used to do, does it have a useful purpose in some way? I'm guessing if you add a common event and target nothing it can be useful in that sense and...
  4. ScorchedGround

    RMMV (YEP_BuffsStatesCore + YEP_SkillCore) "value" is determined in the wrong order

    Greetings everyone. I am trying to create basic "Life-Steal" skills with BuffsStatesCore and SkillCore However, The notetag I gave my skill to do the actual lifesteal does not seem to play nice with the notetag of a damage reduction state. State Notetag: <Custom React Effect> if (value > 0 &&...
  5. anonshin

    Combine multiple skills in one

    Hi makers.:ahappy: I'm thinking about a combact system for my game. That's my idea: the character is a mage(for example) there are 3 skill type 1) the spell/shot type 2)the element of the spell 3) various buff and debuff The final skill will be the result of these choices. Is there a...
  6. Demi_Fiend

    State that goes away after next action

    Hi, I'm using Archeia's Press Turn Battle System and I want to set up certain states that go away after a character's next action. For example, a state that guarantees a critical hit and disappears after that attack. I would use the normal database settings, but it doesn't work for enemies with...
  7. RMMV Use Skill -> Gain extra turn

    Greetings! So, I'm working on a RPG project with RPGMMV and i've been stuck trying to make a skill which would allow it's user to gain a extra turn upon use. I would love it if it could work similiar to Anna's "S-type Quick Dream" Skill from Mana Khemia game series. I'm using yanfly's plugins...
  8. Forastero

    RMMZ MP cost based on target status

    Hi. I'm trying to create a skill in MZ with a conditional MP cost based on the target applied status. In short: The skill A has a 10 MP cost, but if the target has the Poison state, then the cost will be zero. I tried config this with my limited coding skill, but have no success. :frown...
  9. Prellmarc

    RMMZ Event manipulation via skill

    Hey folks, I'm doing some Golden Sun like stuff and tapped into my first problem trying to realize the use of skills out of menu to let the event in front of me react to. What I'm basically trying to do is to freeze a puddle in front of me into a pillar of ice using a Frost spell. I mean, when...
  10. Journey_Sticks

    Animations: Skill, Bug Net, Summon, Modern Military, Ranged Weapons

    Credit for Summon Ifrit: hiddenone, Kadokawa, & Avery https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/hiddenones-mv-resource-warehouse.47255/ Non-Commercial: Free to use Commercial: Free to use but let hiddenone know & send Avery a free copy Must own a valid copy of RPG MAKER MV Credit to...
  11. SoftCloud

    Irradiation State

    Is it possible to have a state that affects nearby/all enemies/actors?
  12. Base the Element of the Skill on the Actor

    Hello, In my game the elements of all Skills used are always based on the actor who uses them. For example Skill X has a Fire element if used by actor 1 and a Water element if used by actor 2. I am using a lot of Yanflies Plugins. Any ideas on what I have to do to achieve this? The Actor trait...
  13. RMMZ Surfing Ability (Plugin)

    Is there a plugin that works like the pokemon Surf skill? (rpg maker mz).
  14. kugokugo

    RMMV Ask for a special extra movement setting

    I would like to make a special buff to my character, a buff that the character may have chance to have one more action. Which is after all character(including enemy) action before the new turn starts, the buff will allow that character to choose any action he want(e.g. Attack/cast spell/use...
  15. RMMZ Area of Effect Skills

    Hello again! I'm not too familiar with *porting* plug-ins from MV to MZ but, have one I would absolutely love to still use. I use Battle Core VisuStella MZ and was a fan of Yanfly's original plug-ins from MV and even before. For MV, they had a sort of "Area of Effect" skill parameter that...
  16. hoboayoyo

    How to make a dynamic skill system based off equipment?

    Skill system: The player can equip a gem/materia/crystal to a character and their skill will change depending on what elemental gem was equipped. (fire, water, wind, earth) for example : Slash becomes fire slash with a fire gem. Removing a gem reverts the skill back to the previous one. On top...
  17. Milennin

    Damage formula help (extra damage / add state)

    So the formula I'm trying to work is like this: if enemy has Bleed: deal +20% damage, otherwise, inflict Bleed (on top of regular attack damage). I had a similar formula somewhere in my MV game, but copying it over to MZ and editing the details leaves the skill doing no damage, and not...
  18. Milennin

    Bug [Bug] Variable in Skill description not updating

    I came across this one, as I was testing out a new Skill. I have a variable displayed in my Skill description, and when the variable's value changes from one turn to the other, the Skill description still displays the old value. It'll only update once I first move over to another skill and then...
  19. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Skill equipment learning Help

    I’m trying to create the following system where certain equipments equipped to certain characters will temporarily give them certain skills. I’ve looked at this plugin https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/equipment-common-events.57234/ But have been getting [type error cannot read...
  20. RPMV Skill Help : Skill that changes the actor in battle but reset when battle ends

    Hi there ! I'm building a character that has the capacity to change his shape in battle (a skill, when he use it, it turns him into another character and it last 5 turns)(also I'm on side battle view system) I know how to make him change shape with a common event but I don't know how to tell...

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