1. Notchella

    Can't learn new skills

    I've been adding in skill books for the player to learn new skills which was working fine at first, but now it won't let the player learn any new skills. I thought it was maybe because the skills I made were custom, but now the player can't learn any new skills at all whether they're custom...
  2. BrickleYourFrickle

    How to make an enemy that is a clone of a party member?

    In my project, there is a late-game dungeon that culminates with a boss battle against four "Shadows" of the four party members. The idea is that the Shadows would scale with the player character, and would use spells & skills those characters have access to. I considered making them...
  3. Dragon Brother

    Applying state despite no damage done?

    Greetings RPGmaker forumites, I was recently testing the new Non-Lethal Mechanics in one of My games and discovered Despite an attack not doing damage to a character, a Poison state was still being applied. Is there any way to prevent a state from being applied if no damage is done? I will...
  4. Gravemaster

    Portrait Pop-up on Skill

    There's definitely something like this out there already, but I'm not getting any results from my search engine. Basically I want pictures (character portraits) to pop up momentarily when actor "X" uses "Y" skill, and only for that character (if there is a smooth way for them to do so even...
  5. Need help making this dual wielding skill work.

    So I am trying to do something a little complicated and I just need some feedback before I start going ham trying to implement it. I am fairly new to RPG Maker so I figure better safe than sorry. I have a character who has the option to dual wield, sword and board, or two-hand his swords. I...
  6. catchneko

    How to make characters forget/replace skills upon leveling?

    So I want to include a system where characters, upon leveling up to a certain level, will have one of their skills replaced by a stronger version of the skill. This is to prevent clutter on the skill selection screen with weak early-game skills that become obsolete later. (Example: Joe levels...
  7. Learning skills from items, but restricted to a single class or actor

    So in my game, I have a character named Luke who learns skills not by leveling up, but exclusively by using items called Tech weapons, which basically function like TMs in Pokémon: use them, Luke permanently gets the skill, and the item is consumed. Problem, though, is that he's the only one...
  8. SoullessRenn

    [VXA] Sapphire Action System IV - Skills and sounds

    Hello! Im using Sapphire Action System IV but I have 2 problems and I don't know if you can solve it without getting different script. 1. In Sas IV skills/spells graphics are rotating when you cast them (for example fireball) . Is there a way to disable it or edit how graphics should perform...
  9. DeBaby28

    Trap creation

    Hello Everyone, I'm searching online but I haven't found the answer I needed. I have been trying to create a trap skill for one of my actors. The trap will activate when the character attacks the person who laid down the trap. I don't know how to create a situation so when the enemy attacks...
  10. LiamBrie

    Just wanna say hello and share my story <3

    Hello, I decided to come back to the RPG Maker community after a long hiatus, I am looking forward to making some connections and using some of my knowledge to help others! Some background maybe some of you can identify with: I think I always knew videogames were my favorite thing, I've yet...
  11. Animebryan

    RMMZ FF Style LvX Skills using Visustella's Enemy Levels plugin

    I'm planning on using VS's Enemy Levels plugin & wanted to setup LvX Skills that only affect targets who's level is a multiple of X, such as Lv3 Flare, Lv4 Gravija, Lv5 Death, etc. I looked through the entire plugin but there's no notetag option to make this possible. Is this actually possible...
  12. atoms

    Does Scope: None in the skill section of the database have a useful purpose?

    Hey everyone, I was looking at the skill section of the database and realised you can choose to Scope None. Does anyone know what that could be used to do, does it have a useful purpose in some way? I'm guessing if you add a common event and target nothing it can be useful in that sense and...
  13. 48Tentacles

    [Stupid question, Skills Database] Why put occasion in "Never"?

    I'm watching tutorials as I found this. You can see in the image the section of skills in the database. I was sort of thinking and say "Why should I put my skill as Never?" I can't think of a reason to do that.
  14. KrimsonKatt

    Issues making a boss?

    So in my game one of my bosses has a couple mechanics I've planned out that I can't figure out how to implement. Basically, at the beginning of the battle the boss (Likho) uses a skill called "Waking Dream" which inflicts a state that makes the battler inflicted become immune to all damage as...
  15. KrimsonKatt

    Skill Name Ideas?

    Okay so I just started a new project on my new Switch version of MV (which I got today) and I'm having trouble with coming up with skills. I have 12 classes in my game, which you can assign to any of your 6 party members in the beginning of the game. (Like in FF1) There are 4 magical classes and...
  16. greensdream

    How do I make a mystery/recall skill?

    I've got a character in my game who cannot remember their previous abilities. I'd like a skill that can recall one of a set number of random skills. Kind of like Tellah's "Recall" skill from Final Fantasy 4 or the "Mystery" skill from Space Funeral. I'd like to only have one ability listed for...
  17. WheatTon

    RMMV Mana Khemia Style Skills/Combat System

    I am trying to make a game with a combat system reminiscent to the game Mana Khemia. In the game you have a turn order in the form of cards in the first one and orbs in the second. Certain skills can add cards/orbs to the turn order so that when it comes to the skills turn it does the attack...
  18. MerlinCross

    Skill Sorting - Slight Problems

    So, maybe I'm goofing up here or maybe someone can point me at a plugin that works. Though I prefer to ask if I'm messing up in the data base first and being dim before dipping into Java Scripts. Here's the set up, with visual aids. Cyro is an equipment that sits at ID 61. It teach a skill...
  19. Telemindred

    Help with attack skills

    So I've been messing around with the damage formulas for a bit, but I still don't fully understand them. I tried doing basic stuff in order to create an attack that I could predict the damage of as the developer (even created test characters and monsters with specific attack stats that I could...
  20. Gatto_Fatuo

    Questions about the "Lite" version

    Hi, I just got hooked on RM, and I'm trying the free version of rmvxa. I'm following the tutorial on the site, but still I'm not understanding some things: -How do I understand the "power level" of the skills? (so you can assign them to the right level) -what is the average value of the cost...

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