1. HomelessWilliam

    Help creating a skill formula!

    Hi! I want to make a skill that switches the TP of the target with the HP of the target! But I don't know how to make it happen? I tried using common events, but it just doesn't work? I guess i need a formula for the attack, but I don't know how to approach it! Can anyone here help me by chance...
  2. GatolandiaGames

    RMMZ Give me ideas for skills

    Preciso de idéias de habilidades para o meu jogo "Shapes in battle", pode ser qualquer tipo de habilidade, no momento o tipo de habilidade que eu estou mais precisando é de habilidade de cavaleiro, arqueiro e curandeiro. I need skill ideas for my game "Shapes in battle", it can be any type of...
  3. PenguinDude163

    Move that can either damage the user or the enemy?

    Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else, but I looked around and couldn't find it. I'm trying to create a gambler class and was wondering if there is there any way to create a skill that has a chance to either damage the user, or damage the target?
  4. BlackRoseMii

    Annoying problem with applying states

    The title might sound simple, but it's actually a complicated problem (at least for me, but I'm dumb anyway.) So I apologize in advance if it's an annoying question. This is the situation: I want to make a skill where the enemy takes one turn to "charge up" and the next turn it will use one...
  5. A way to know which skill an enemy will use?

    I'm looking for a way in game, through a script or plug in to let me know what skill an enemy has selected for use. I know I can manipulate weights of skills to make them more or less likely. However, I want to know exactly what skill will be used and use that in a conditional branch later...
  6. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Yanfly Core skill / Core equip Unable to use any moves. Skill cost is NAN

    I needed to incorporate the <after eval> note tag for skills to make a chance to add a debuff on skills. (as far as I know the only other way I could do this is through a common event. I never had YEP core skill in my plugins until not. I swear everything was working for moment until I re-opened...
  7. New rpgmaker user needs help with skills

    Ok so, Example: I would like this skill to only be successfully casted if the enemy's mp is at a specific number (would be better if it could be multiple specific numbers) It's an execute type of skill that well executes an enemy if they are at a specific amount of mp Or another way to...
  8. Idea for a "Human Shield" skill.

    Hi all, I'm trying to develop a skill that allows the user to act as a "human shield" for an ally, taking all their damage for them. This skill would function like this: - User (a) selects 1 ally (b) as a target. - This would add a state that causes all damage from enemies indented for b to be...
  9. Puppet Knight

    RMMZ Force a Follow Up Skill to be used based on Actor's Current Class

    Good evening fam, It's that time of the week where I crowdsource a solution for yet another unnecessarily complicated part of my games skill system!! (Crowd cheers) Next up. Using either VisuStellas Battle Core, Fomars Follow Up Skills Common Events, or maybe even some plugin...
  10. Puppet Knight

    RMMZ Add/Remove State on Actor Skill Use

    Good morning beauts! Another Day, Another hyper specific Plugin request! For my game I am building a Spellblade class type. One of the core features of this class will be: when they use certain Basic Magic Type Skills (Fire, Ice, Thunder) in battle they then gain the associated "Force"...
  11. TakumaGao

    A few questions about how to make certain skill effects.

    Hey there, everyone. Here's another thread full of dumb questions from yours truly :p So I have some ideas for skills... only problem is... I'm not entirely sure what I need to do in order to make them do the intended effects. So... hopefully you guys can help me out! You don't have to answer...
  12. TenraiEmiko

    Skill usage restricted to variables?

    Recently I have played a game called “Kioh Gyoku”, which has a kinda fun mechanic I wanted to replicate in my game (even though the game is a STG (shooter game)): There’s a gauge at the bottom of the screen, which fills up gradually: Once the gauge reaches certain levels, pressing a key will...
  13. TakumaGao

    RMMZ Learned skills limit, and forget skills option.

    Hey everyone, I have a little request for (what I assume will be) a fairly simple plugin. If something like this already exists, please point me in the direction of where I can find it! If not... well, I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out! So here's the deal: I want to be able...
  14. BrickleYourFrickle

    How to display skills that are attached to equipment in the equipment menu?

    In my game, your party members get new skills by equipping special "packs" of skills that take the form of an equippable item. I'd like to display those skills in a window in the equip menu, so players can easily see what skills are associated with the pack they're equipping.
  15. Notchella

    Can't learn new skills

    I've been adding in skill books for the player to learn new skills which was working fine at first, but now it won't let the player learn any new skills. I thought it was maybe because the skills I made were custom, but now the player can't learn any new skills at all whether they're custom...
  16. BrickleYourFrickle

    How to make an enemy that is a clone of a party member?

    In my project, there is a late-game dungeon that culminates with a boss battle against four "Shadows" of the four party members. The idea is that the Shadows would scale with the player character, and would use spells & skills those characters have access to. I considered making them...
  17. Dragon Brother

    Applying state despite no damage done?

    Greetings RPGmaker forumites, I was recently testing the new Non-Lethal Mechanics in one of My games and discovered Despite an attack not doing damage to a character, a Poison state was still being applied. Is there any way to prevent a state from being applied if no damage is done? I will...
  18. Gravemaster

    Portrait Pop-up on Skill

    There's definitely something like this out there already, but I'm not getting any results from my search engine. Basically I want pictures (character portraits) to pop up momentarily when actor "X" uses "Y" skill, and only for that character (if there is a smooth way for them to do so even...
  19. Need help making this dual wielding skill work.

    So I am trying to do something a little complicated and I just need some feedback before I start going ham trying to implement it. I am fairly new to RPG Maker so I figure better safe than sorry. I have a character who has the option to dual wield, sword and board, or two-hand his swords. I...
  20. catchneko

    How to make characters forget/replace skills upon leveling?

    So I want to include a system where characters, upon leveling up to a certain level, will have one of their skills replaced by a stronger version of the skill. This is to prevent clutter on the skill selection screen with weak early-game skills that become obsolete later. (Example: Joe levels...

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