1. JadeTheurgist

    RMMZ Do Visustella Trait Passives provide skills?

    So I've been experimenting with different combinations of Visustella plugins to get a better understanding of them, as some features in these plugins I've never used before. One of the main ones is the Traits added in the Elements and Status core. I tried seeing if it was possible to make...
  2. RMMV Defence Buff That powers up from attacks (Solved)

    I would like to make a skill where it would buff the defense of the player but powers up a +3 every time they receive a Physical attack, Magic would cause damage. How would I go about this?
  3. bookco

    RMMZ Skills won't activate outside of battle

    I need help understanding why my menu-accessible skills won't activate outside of battle. I have a skill called 'Mending' which is supposed to repair 100 weapon durability and 100 armor durability (per YEP_X_ItemDurability notetag requirements). When I use it on the sole party character with a...
  4. DogVTF

    is there a way to force an action and still have MP apply?

    I am essentially making a boss that is an endurance match, and the way to win is making it use all it's MP. And the idea is that when it gets below 30% HP it will use a skill that costs 50 MP to fully heal itself. The boss has 300 MP, and the idea is that on top of the 50 MP heal, the boss is...
  5. Pheonix KageDesu

    Skills Trees plugin (MZ + MV) (+visual editor)

    Simple Skills Tree by Pheonix KageDesu ✅Features: Create skills trees for classes and allows player select what skill open and learn You can create many categories (branches) per each class Visual editor for easy edits skills trees in game (available only in playtest mode) Supported...
  6. JarinWinters

    Torn on Elemental Essence skill-learning/stat-boosting system.

    So I have a couple of ideas for how I want the skill/power progression system in my game to function, and I'm having a tough idea deciding on which idea would best fit with the design goals I want to prioritize for my game. So as an overarching idea, I want to focus on the keywords of...
  7. JarinWinters

    RMMV Plugin for connected, grid-based equipment slots?

    I was curious if there is an existing plugin that can incorporate an equipment system similar to the one in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, where certain slots are connected to each other. I'd like to incorporate it as a way for party members to learn different skills based on if certain...
  8. Patroso

    help Is it possible to make the basic attack deal damage to enemy and restore manna points ?

    Is it possible to make the basic attack deal damage to enemy and restore manna points to the person using is to restore 5% MP
  9. Patroso

    Provocation skil how to make?

    there are 4 heroes one of them is Nadelia tank who can use the Provocation skill to make all enemies attack her
  10. kyonides

    KSeized XP

    KSeized XP Version 0.11.1 by Kyonides Introduction This scriptlet will allow you to "illegally" seize the party's items, weapons, armors, and gold at will. Yeah, you can return them at any moment, but there might be a fee for keeping your money safe! :o By the way, the demo's spokesman...
  11. kyonides

    KSeized VX

    KSeized VX Version 0.11.0 by Kyonides Introduction This scriptlet will allow you to "illegally" seize the party's items, weapons, armors, and gold at will. Yeah, you can return them at any moment, but there might be a fee for keeping your money safe! :o By the way, the demo's spokesman...
  12. Patroso

    I have a problem and I do not know how to create such skills, can it be done at all?

    Skil 1 Revenant - If a Kashmir character dies, he will be reborn once with 15% of his maximum life, and his life regeneration will increase by 30% until the enemy attacks him. Skil 2 Bonehead - Kashmir fills his gauntlet with the power of chaos and strikes an enemy at once, dealing damage from...
  13. BlackLiquidSorrow

    Dividing HP between two actors

    I want to make a skill that divides hp between two actors. The way it would work would be like this. Actor A has 1000 HP. Actor B has 500 HP. Actor A uses the skill on Actor B. Both Actors now have 750 HP
  14. cheef

    RMMV How do I make common events affect DragonBones characters? Using KELYEP_Dragonbones and YEP_X_ActSeqPack1,2,3?

    Hello, I currently have very basic Dragonbones characters working for actors and enemies. (walk and skill but it's all I need for now) For the sake of visualization: Imagine an enemy that uses a skill to place a player in a black hole. This should disappear the character and skip the...
  15. PachucoCadaver

    Help creating a skill formula!

    Hi! I want to make a skill that switches the TP of the target with the HP of the target! But I don't know how to make it happen? I tried using common events, but it just doesn't work? I guess i need a formula for the attack, but I don't know how to approach it! Can anyone here help me by chance...
  16. GatoPedreiroGamer

    RMMZ Give me ideas for skills

    Preciso de idéias de habilidades para o meu jogo "Shapes in battle", pode ser qualquer tipo de habilidade, no momento o tipo de habilidade que eu estou mais precisando é de habilidade de cavaleiro, arqueiro e curandeiro. I need skill ideas for my game "Shapes in battle", it can be any type of...
  17. PenguinDude163

    Move that can either damage the user or the enemy?

    Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else, but I looked around and couldn't find it. I'm trying to create a gambler class and was wondering if there is there any way to create a skill that has a chance to either damage the user, or damage the target?
  18. BlackRoseMii

    Annoying problem with applying states

    The title might sound simple, but it's actually a complicated problem (at least for me, but I'm dumb anyway.) So I apologize in advance if it's an annoying question. This is the situation: I want to make a skill where the enemy takes one turn to "charge up" and the next turn it will use one...
  19. A way to know which skill an enemy will use?

    I'm looking for a way in game, through a script or plug in to let me know what skill an enemy has selected for use. I know I can manipulate weights of skills to make them more or less likely. However, I want to know exactly what skill will be used and use that in a conditional branch later...
  20. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Yanfly Core skill / Core equip Unable to use any moves. Skill cost is NAN

    I needed to incorporate the <after eval> note tag for skills to make a chance to add a debuff on skills. (as far as I know the only other way I could do this is through a common event. I never had YEP core skill in my plugins until not. I swear everything was working for moment until I re-opened...

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