1. atoms

    Does Scope: None in the skill section of the database have a useful purpose?

    Hey everyone, I was looking at the skill section of the database and realised you can choose to Scope None. Does anyone know what that could be used to do, does it have a useful purpose in some way? I'm guessing if you add a common event and target nothing it can be useful in that sense and...
  2. 48Tentacles

    [Stupid question, Skills Database] Why put occasion in "Never"?

    I'm watching tutorials as I found this. You can see in the image the section of skills in the database. I was sort of thinking and say "Why should I put my skill as Never?" I can't think of a reason to do that.
  3. KrimsonKatt

    Issues making a boss?

    So in my game one of my bosses has a couple mechanics I've planned out that I can't figure out how to implement. Basically, at the beginning of the battle the boss (Likho) uses a skill called "Waking Dream" which inflicts a state that makes the battler inflicted become immune to all damage as...
  4. KrimsonKatt

    Skill Name Ideas?

    Okay so I just started a new project on my new Switch version of MV (which I got today) and I'm having trouble with coming up with skills. I have 12 classes in my game, which you can assign to any of your 6 party members in the beginning of the game. (Like in FF1) There are 4 magical classes and...
  5. greensdream

    How do I make a mystery/recall skill?

    I've got a character in my game who cannot remember their previous abilities. I'd like a skill that can recall one of a set number of random skills. Kind of like Tellah's "Recall" skill from Final Fantasy 4 or the "Mystery" skill from Space Funeral. I'd like to only have one ability listed for...
  6. WheatTon

    RMMV Mana Khemia Style Skills/Combat System

    I am trying to make a game with a combat system reminiscent to the game Mana Khemia. In the game you have a turn order in the form of cards in the first one and orbs in the second. Certain skills can add cards/orbs to the turn order so that when it comes to the skills turn it does the attack...
  7. MerlinCross

    Skill Sorting - Slight Problems

    So, maybe I'm goofing up here or maybe someone can point me at a plugin that works. Though I prefer to ask if I'm messing up in the data base first and being dim before dipping into Java Scripts. Here's the set up, with visual aids. Cyro is an equipment that sits at ID 61. It teach a skill...
  8. Telemindred

    Help with attack skills

    So I've been messing around with the damage formulas for a bit, but I still don't fully understand them. I tried doing basic stuff in order to create an attack that I could predict the damage of as the developer (even created test characters and monsters with specific attack stats that I could...
  9. Gatto_Fatuo

    Questions about the "Lite" version

    Hi, I just got hooked on RM, and I'm trying the free version of rmvxa. I'm following the tutorial on the site, but still I'm not understanding some things: -How do I understand the "power level" of the skills? (so you can assign them to the right level) -what is the average value of the cost...
  10. shizuruteru

    How do I make a better Counter Skill?

    I am aware that there is already a counter-attack option, but whenever I use the existing counter-attack it isn't the type of counter I want. What I want is a sort of shield skill where the actor with the state takes less damage and some of the damage gets reflected back at the attacker. EX)...
  11. Trying to cast skills with no cost

    I'm currently working on a project that involves lots of different characters and playstyles. One character will have battle skills that they can use without the cost of HP, MP, or TP. They'll instead opt for a cooldown system (which I'm using Yanfly's Skill Cooldown and Skill Core for) so that...
  12. Lock all skills and equipment for members in the reserve party

    I would like to request a script to lock all skills for the members of the reserve party. I have formation locked unless the player is in a town area, but the reserve members can still add equipment/use skills, and I would like to block that. For example in my game, a player could use a reserve...
  13. Yawgmoth

    Non-party member skills available in battle?

    Hi all, So I was brainstorming a concept and I don't think their is anyway to accomplish it without a script of some kind. I would also be interested in other possible options but felt this was the best most likely place to post my question. I have an actor who is not in the party but is the...
  14. I'm using Yanfly's Party Manager and am running into a problem.

    Howdy! So just as the title says, I'm using the Party Manager Plugin for a fun project I'm making for my friends. The idea is that there are about a dozen party members that can be swapped in and out at any time. This works perfectly fine. What doesn't work is another part I've working on; I'm...
  15. Chroma-Creative-Solutions

    YEP Class Change Core + YEP Subclass - Maintain Skills When Switching Classes

    Long time lurker (since 2017), usually try to find my own solutions, but cannot for the life of me find a solution or work around for this issue. Currently I am using these plugins to create a class switching system for my game: YEP Class Change Core YEP Subclass YEP Skill Core YEP Skill Learn...
  16. Qbrain

    Multiple skill Level 99(XP count via variables) help please

    Below I posted how my skill system will show up on the main menu (done with OrangeHUD) so you get a better idea what I'm trying to explain. I made a skill system (like a famous old skool mmrpg) and the conditional branch attached is how I keep track of those XP and levels, but is there an easier...
  17. void_of_the_mind

    Help with some instant death moves

    I have a problem with calculating some instant death-type skills in rpgmaker mv. Simply put, I want to utilize spells with a similar mechanic as Light and Dark from the Persona series. Instead of run-of the mill instant death, i want it to be instant death that is element-based. So that some...
  18. goldrat1

    Enemy that builds up resistance to elements it is attacked with?

    Hey, RPGMV community, I'm currently trying to make an enemy that 'learns' from the player's used moves, and slowly builds up resistance to any enemies that it is attacked with up to certain point before it gets reset, e.g If a Fire-based skill is used against it, it increases its Fire Element...
  19. Uzuki

    How to create a skill that activates at the start of the turn without forcing an actor to take action?

    Hey y'all, I'm trying to create something that does what the title says. I've tried using Yanfly's Instant Cast plugin with a commen event setup that checks for the player's state aand forces an actor to use a instant cast skill at the start of the turn, but the Force Action command overrides...
  20. Uzuki

    How to change item cost depending on weapon type equipped?

    Hey y'all, so I'm using Yanfly's Skill Cost Item plugin to create gun weapons that use bullets for ammo. Now the problem comes when making the skills for these guns and not wanting to make 4 or 5 versions of the same skill that use different item costs. The plugin allows you to change the item...

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