1. RPG VX ACE enemy Combined attack

    Guys is there a way to make a skill that have all enemies attack at once something like a combined attack where they all do the same skill at the same time in one turn
  2. Rpg maker Mv platformer

    Was wondering if anyone has used this http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/plugin/jump_action.html have figured out to make a map, pretty cool stuff,trying to figure out how to make spells and alternate bullets and just open ideas?
  3. RMVNex

    A bunch of questions regarding combat abilities...

    I have a bunch of characters who can do different abilities in my game... And I'm trying to make a few diverse ones, so the abilities are very... special... Problem is they're either complicated to make, or I'm a complete idiot who doesn't know how to use MV... So here are my questions on how to...
  4. Increase state duration with a skill

    Hello everyone ! I've been using RMMV for several months now, and I have yet to find a way to increase the duration of a state with the use of a skill. I guess I can do this with JavaScript, but I have no idea how. Thanks !
  5. SeikoAllure

    Fast travel skill

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to make a character have a skill to fast travel. Also, if you know how to gain a skill after beating a boss, that would be nice to know too! Thank you.
  6. SpookyFace66

    Harry Potter Spell System

    I'm starting to make a game based off of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I wanted to have a spell unlock system similar to the one in the GBA Port of Prisoner of Azkaban (A.K.A. use a spell a certain number of times to unlock the next spell upgrade). I wanted to know...
  7. DietAmbrosia

    SV Animations based on Skill

    So I am hoping someone can help me figure out a way to have a battler use enter chanting animation (or "skill" animation) based on the skill itself, and NOT just by Skill Type. I am creating skill sets that contain both magic and skills, and would like the battlers to use the appropriate...
  8. xanax48

    Popping POTIONS like M&M's

    I've played many RPGs that use various levels of items, equipment and skills that are pretty much the exact same thing only the power of said thing was increased. Pokemon = Scratch < Slash or Bite < Chomp Final Fantasy = Fire 1 < Fire 2 < Fire 3 Witcher 3 = Hybrid Oil < Enhanced Hybrid...
  9. Silenity

    Skills with equipment slots?

    How do you guys feel about skills that have their own equipment slots? Id rather just give an example than to explain it. Harold has learned the Fire skill. His Fire skill has 3 equipment slots. He equips a Rune of Power to the Fire skill which has raised its MP cost and its damage...
  10. Skill Formula template

    Im new to the software and I am not good in math nor do I currently have knowledge in Java does any one have a list of templates to be used in skill formulas? :(
  11. Alchemancy

    Skillset Grouping Help

    Hello all! My question is regarding how skills are grouped in and out of battle. I want my characters to essentially have three skillsets: 1. Spells (They use MP) 2. Techniques (They use TP) 3. Traits (Passive abilities.) I want these to show up in my field menu, divided up into...
  12. xanax48

    Got MP?

    Most games tend to use a standard system for magic, MP. Characters have a certain amount of MP (say 200 at lv. 10) that increases with level and in battle they can cast abilities each costing various amounts of MP (fire 12mp, shiva 80mp). There are exceptions like in Pokémon. Each use of an...
  13. Silenity

    Fully Evented Thieving System!

    Hey guys! I decided to make a little video on how to fully event a thieving system for RPG Maker. This works for other RPG Makers as well so it isn't limited to MV! This can be used for other skill systems such as speech checks and more!
  14. Heirukichi

    Rampaging Skills

    Heirukichi Rampaging Skills v1.1 Since two people asked me how to do this in the same day I decided to write a script. This script allows you to create rampaging skills that increase (or decrease) their strength with each successful consecutive use. How to use this script This...
  15. PhoenixX92

    How to make confusion also use spells and skills?

    Title says it all... I've attempted using the restriction as an 'attack enemy' but then all the character does is use its attack... Used 'seal skill' to lock attack, then the character just stands there. How do you guys make the confused state allow the character to cast spells? Also; I'm...
  16. saksegutt

    Items, armor, weapons, skills etc.

    So I don't know why I waited so long to ask this question but I've wondered about it since MV first came out.  In VX Ace there were TONS of like pre-installed items. Armors, skills, items, weapons, enemies and full fledged out classes. There were like 40 in each category. Why aren't there any...
  17. Klammsi

    How to bind armor to a skill?

    Hey everybody, I am very new to RPG marker mv and was hoping somebody could help me out. In my game I have created a skill called Shield Bash which will render an enemy stunned when performed.  Now in the skill section you can choose a required weapon that the character needs to be...
  18. Broken_squirrel

    Hybrid Skills.

    Hello everyone, I am looking at creating a skill that deals single target damage based on one damage formula and then aoe damage to all enemies with a different damage formula. What is the best way to achieve this hybrid type of skill? 
  19. Skill Alters Weapon Image

    Hello and thanks to any who might happen to glance at this. I'm trying to set up a skill that changes the users weapon animation for a single attack. Example: Hero has a sword equipped. They have a skill called Shoot Gun. Using that skill and some action sequence scripting the character...
  20. shieldings

    Skill that effects both user and target?

    Okay, so for my project I want to include a "protect" skill, where one party member can increase another party member's defenses at the expense of their own.  I've made two states, "protected" and "protecting" which do those things, respectively.  However, I don't know how to make a skill give...

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