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  1. tale

    Kanji - Visual Novel Style (menu buttons)

    NovelStyle.js (2019-08-17) Creator name: Kanji the Grass Overview visual novel style with menu buttons Features - Possible to save during text message process - Plugin parameters to set up buttons on the screen - Character can appear depending on window position How-to When setting up...
  2. "Skip" prompt in battle menu?

    I'm looking for a way to make the skip turn feature (pressing right to make it so an actor does nothing on their turn) also function in the menu as a button alongside "Attack", "Skill" and so on. However I'm not sure how to accomplish it, so does anyone know any plugins for this? I figured it'd...
  3. missyaoibl

    Can I disable the skip button? Or attach it to an ending?

    Hi people, I'm totally new to this, so I don't know a lot f things, but I want to know... So, as you can already see I want to know if it is possible to disable the skip button. Or even better, attach the function related to skip to an ending. If it is possible to disable the skip button...

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