skip turn

  1. Trasdill

    Skip Actor Turn at Timer End

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to forcibly end an actor's turn, even during their input phase. My goal is to time-limit each actor turn for added tension during combat. I'm using Yanfly's STB as my base system with BARREY_CommonEventsInBattle for running CEs more easily. Here's what my current...
  2. Magusalfador

    I DONT want my battler to be able to skip turns.

    Hi all!! So, Im using almost ALL of Yanfly plugins. When you are on a battle, if you press the right key on the battle command window, the battler will skip his turn, not doing any command. How can i disable this? Ive been searching in all plugins for this option. Im using aTB battle sytem if...
  3. Gravemaster

    Battle Time script

    Hey, I'm looking for a relatively easy script with which Google and the forums have been surprisingly unhelpful (either that or wording it properly on the search is really difficult). I want a simple timer at the start of the play's turn in battle. Once the timer runs out, any characters that...
  4. jezebelthenun

    Creating the "Slow" State

    I'm having trouble making this state do what I mean it to do. I don't know that it's possible without a plugin. Essentially, I'm making a skill that works like a spiderweb. You get hit, and you get slowed. I'd like it to reduce turn speed, say, 1 player turn per every 3 enemy turns. How...

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