1. Beecu

    【resolved】Help, how to stop a running event A in event B?

    How to stop a running event A in event B? I have made a autorun opening animation by using Yami_SikpTitle. So the animation was made in a autorun event A. Then i want make a function that when the player presses "ok" button, the animation will be skipped. The button checking may be made in...
  2. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Skippable Event

    This eventing tutorial works with most RPG Maker. I must admit, that even though it's NOT PERFECT and INCONVENIENT, this is probably the most relatable way of making a skippable content in your game. What is this about? Common question from most player : "Can we skip the cutscene?" Yes, this...
  3. Party window skip

    Hi, I am looking for a way to skip the party window ( fight / escape window ) I know that Yanfly's BattleEngineCore has that feature, but with other plugins that I am using it is causing problems so I can't use that battle engine core as I really want the other plugins. I have tried to see...
  4. Skip button stops working in web version?

    As far as I can tell, the default skip button is assigned to the ctrl key and it works on all versions except for the web version. Is there any way to enable the skip function in the web version? Either with the ctrl key or another way?
  5. Lakaroth

    RMMV Pictures above videos

    Hello, i neet to show an image at the beginning of a video something like. (Skip video) The easyest way is to render the image button on the video, but i don't like it, also because the render quality is low for the file size, it's ok for the entire video but a button or a text will look...
  6. EdenNotRaven

    How to... From Question To Battle?

    Hello Guys, My name is Eden and I'm new here & with this Game Engine. I started to make a game, than I was wondering, how I can make game like Mana Khemia \ Atelier Iris in Construct 2? Well... this Will take's me alot of time, so I purchase RPG MAKER MV to make my dream come true. So... now for...
  7. tale


    SkipPartyCommand - Version 1.0.5 (2018/07/25) Creator name: Tsumio Overview This plugin skip party command in battle Features - If switch 1 (default) is On, party command is skipped. - If switch 2 (default) is On, show escape command in actor command window. - Switch number can be change...
  8. Quanee

    Yami Skill Shop

    Hi, I'd like to request slightly re-making Yami's skill shop plugin to skip few options (if it's possible >.>). I'm making my own skill tree and when I bring up Skill Shop, it goes through all the menus (pick your character, learn, choose spell etc.). I'd like to skip that. So as soon as I...
  9. tale

    Skip Text Wait

    Skip Text Wait 2012/12/07 Creator name: Nana Overview With this script, it is possible to skip text wait "\." or "\ |" by pressing C button (Enter key) Features Fast forward the text with Enter key without wait slowdowns. Installation Paste this script above Main. Credit and Thanks- Nana...
  10. Nightblade50

    Problems with Skip Cutscene script

    I am using a script to skip cutscenes. I set up the script correctly, but when I skip the cutscene, this happens. How do I fix this? And in case it wasn't clear, I am using VX Ace.
  11. tale

    Non-View Battle Message

    Non-View Battle Message - 2015/12/02 (ver. 1.1) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Controls which message that shouldn't display on battles. By leaving them blank, specified message won't be shown. ●Supported message list * Emerge * Preemptive * Surprise * Escape Start * Escape Failure *...
  12. RockEsper

    Faster or skippable battlelog in Yanfly's Battle Engine?

    I'm using the base battle engine from Yanfly with none of the major battle system addons (STB, ATB, CTB ), and I'm using front view battle system. I was just wondering if there was a way to cut down on the time it shows the battle log while nothing else happens. Specifically I have it set to...
  13. tale


    UTA_MessageSkip - 2016.02.17 (Version: 1.00) Creator name: T.Akatsuki Overview It's possible to skip texts by pressing a specific key. Features - Skip texts can be set with any key from Input.keyMapper (reference: rpg_core.js) - Show Trace [true|false] set whether to issue a trace for...
  14. Fraki

    Skip Gameover / Lose Money After Random Encounter?

    I want to make a system in this game I'm making similar to Earthbound's where you lose half the money you have on you and are taken back to where you last saved. I have an idea of how to get this to work in game, and indeed I can get it to work when using Event Battles, but I was wondering if...
  15. Rink27

    Move Route Core (Yanfly) issue?

    The skip utility in move routes cannot skip scripted commands via Yanfly's Move Route Core plugin. Link for plugin: I've taken a screenshot of a test to demonstrate my problem. I am testing in a scenario where the player would...
  16. Gravemaster

    Battle Time script

    Hey, I'm looking for a relatively easy script with which Google and the forums have been surprisingly unhelpful (either that or wording it properly on the search is really difficult). I want a simple timer at the start of the play's turn in battle. Once the timer runs out, any characters that...
  17. DetBlueMask

    Skipping Window_MenuActor

    Hi everyone! I've been making a game in which only one actor does the fighting (the others are there for removing natural obstacles, just like in for example Evoland 2 for those who have played that). As such, I have no need for Window_MenuActor, a menu which let's players choose on which actor...
  18. Kumachan77

    Skip Splash Screens after first launch with Hime plugin

    By default, the MadeWithMV splash screen loads, then you have your title screen.  Once you start/continue a game and quit, you end up in the title screen.  However, I have been using the Hime_PreTitleEvents to create my custom title screen.  In just one screen/map, I have an event which plays 2...
  19. Etienne Vallée

    Cutscene skip

    Hi scripters, hope you are all going well! Let's get on topic : I've looked for a way to skip a cutscene, but can't find any on RPG Maker MV. The intro of my game (Right after selecting "new game") takes about 2 minutes and is fun to watch, but long. So is there a way to make a cutscene...
  20. tiagoms

    RMVXA - Skip Movie (cancel Video)

    Hello. I need a script to jump / cancel a video during your playing by pressing a button. example: "Video and reproducing" (1: 00min) 20sec to complete, it is pressed "esc" and the video stops (stop, end) ps sorry for bad English.

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