1. KrimsonKatt

    Issues making a boss?

    So in my game one of my bosses has a couple mechanics I've planned out that I can't figure out how to implement. Basically, at the beginning of the battle the boss (Likho) uses a skill called "Waking Dream" which inflicts a state that makes the battler inflicted become immune to all damage as...
  2. Black Pagan

    Sleeping Character - Assets & Resources

    Can someone point me towards any Resources which are related to Characters sleeping sideways or lying down on their back in a Bed / Sofa / Ground ? I looked around and only managed to find Custom beds. I am looking for them because my Game involves displaying Character sleeping in a bed. By...
  3. Aristarko

    Sleeping bag Sprite

    Hey guys, is there someone that know or is able to create any kind of sleeping bag sprite? It would help me a lot because I want to create a cutscene that the protagonists are sleeping while camping and are approached by some unexpected sneaky figure... Thanks in advance!
  4. atoms

    Bypass 100% Remove by damage states (I.e. Sleep) taken off upon hit.

    I hope this isn't a very complex request, but basically a plugin where if a state that usually gets taken off upon it, let's say a 100% Remove by Damage Sleep State usually gets taken off, well certain skills will bypass it and won't remove the state. The only condition is, I'd like the Plugin...
  5. atoms

    Help creating a skill with the following... (bypass Sleep state, more damage states)

    I would like to create specific skill with RPG Maker MV, but am not sure how to achieve it. I am also using Yanfly Plugins if that makes it easier. Skill name is Deathly Dagger. I'd like the skill to do the following: 1. If the enemy is sleeping and normally wakes up upon being hit, with this...
  6. Pokemon Skill : Snorlax - Sleep Talk

    Hi Everyone, I am using Yanfly plugins for a project (Battle Core, Buff and State, Skill Core etc.....) And i am wondering if its possible to have a skill that can recreate "Sleep Talk" from the Pokemon Snorlax. From the people who don't know him, this Pokemon can cast one of his spell while...
  7. Shinma

    Guaranteed Critical if Affected with State

    I want to add a guaranteed critical hit if a player/battler is affected by state. I figure it will be in the damage formula for the Attack skill, and I have a rough idea of how it should look. Would anyone mind correcting the below? I imagine it would look something like this, but I know I am...
  8. KayZaman

    Avoid ‘boring-ness’ while RPG making

    Well, sounds kinda weird but yeah. I was RPG making but suddenly I felt bored and sleepy. About around 30 minutes, I was game-making and my eyes wanna close shut. Could happen to you guy.... maybe. So, how to avoid boring-ness while RPG making (or VN making). Or maybe there was previous post...
  9. Automated Message

    Friends i have implemented a day/night system and i want a message to pop up at a certain time each night to tell the player to take a rest and sleep. Is it possible to setup an automated message to express that the player needs to sleep ?
  10. Day/Night - Sleep plugin

    Friends i have looked for a while to find a plugin or way way that i can setup a system for my game that does the following. Would like it to have a Day/Night system that of course will control the lighting in the game. As well i would love it to remind the player to rest/sleep and if the...
  11. Melina

    Farming System like Harvest Moon and sleeping

    Hello :D I work on a new Project Idk a name yet but it will be simillar to Harvest Moon. And well I alraedy have Day and Night and also a clock but this clock is terrible I need to open up the Menu and select Keyitems but I really dont want that. It would be super cool if there would be a clock...
  12. ShinyRedUmbreon

    RPG Maker VX Ace Help Plz

    So I have this game I made in RPG Maker Vx Ace and I made it so that you could sleep in your bed and a quick song plays but when it fades in that song loops, help please.
  13. Jason Pickel

    Need help with status conditions (Semi-confusing)

    Hey. This is my first post, so if this is in the wrong area, I'm sorry. But I wanted to know if anyone could help me with something I'm trying to do, which is have a chance that whenever a character attacks, he will fall asleep afterward. Or after a set number of turns, they'll fall asleep. If...
  14. Quasi ABS - Sleep Dart Skill

    Hello everyone! I'm using Quasi's ABS to make a stealth game, but I'm a LOUSY programmer, so I was hoping someone could help me make a specific skill. I have the system all hooked up, it's just the one skill I'd like to create that's giving me trouble. It's a pretty straightforward idea, so I'm...
  15. Linklizard Games

    The protagonist at sleep

    This is my second contribution where I ask for ressources. I would like my protagonist (Karuga) to  deteriorate like Ralph in a sleeping position. Sorry for my bad english. I come from Germany
  16. Ari

    Bed event

    I'm really proud of myself so far with my game. I love the conditions, the events, the cutscenes, and my loop events. i've even manage to create a system where area's will only unlock if a condition is met, whatever that condition is. My issue is the bed though  >_>  I want my character to take...
  17. SC Fúria

    Percentage Healing while sleeping

    Hi guys!  Recently I've been wondering about the possibility of making a percentage healing whenever the player goes to sleep in an inn, bed... Basically, what i want is to heal the 100% of the maximum hp if the game difficulty is set to easy, heal a 75% of mhp if it's intermediate and heal a...
  18. Sleep curing death

    I am new to RPG Maker series and am working on my first game. I was disapointed to see that when I slept the inn effect (recover all specifically) was working too well. The inn's effect is curing ALL status ailments as well. Is there a way for me to program which status ailments the cure...
  19. draco2

    How do you get a character to sleep in a bed?

    I'm using RPG Maker MV. I have seen characters or npc actually look like they are sleeping in a bed and under the covers in other rpg maker games. I just like to know how do they do it. But I haven't seen any tutorials on how it's done. If there are I'm just really bad at looking for them. So if...
  20. Nefertari83

    Hunger, Thirst, Sleepsystem without Scripting

    Auf Deutsch bitte: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl1I2bD1AHDVtcwPU13xe4odZP6UTa6g_   Difficulty:   In this Tutorial I’ll show you how to make the HUD for my Hunger, Thirst, Sleepsystem: For beginners this tutorial could be a bit difficult to understand, because of that you should have...

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