1. Aristarko

    Sleeping bag Sprite

    Hey guys, is there someone that know or is able to create any kind of sleeping bag sprite? It would help me a lot because I want to create a cutscene that the protagonists are sleeping while camping and are approached by some unexpected sneaky figure... Thanks in advance!
  2. Coelocanth

    RTP edits

    A collection of RTP characters sleeping in an RTP bed. Actors on the left, People on the right, Evil in the middle. This can be used as-is for an event charset (with "direction fix") or copy the ones you need. Attached zip contains GIMP file with layers for further editing. Terms: You must...
  3. El_Mega

    Want to know how to make a character sleeping in bed image?

    Hi, Just want to know how to make my player seem as if he is sleeping in bed? Is there any tutorials or tips to give me? Thanks, El
  4. lordvalinar

    3-Frame Alteration Request

    Before posting the request form information, I'd like to first thank anyone for their time in reading this. Images will be sent via PM for this request. --------- Resource Type: Character Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: In the same gothic tone of the bed, only 'raised' slightly so the head...
  5. How do i make my enemy sleep till awakened.

    Sorry about another question and all...  Everything is actually working fine on my game but I actually want my enemy to be sleeping with the balloon icon (zzz)  but when i put it on the first page with the trigger as a parrallel process, and the second page as action button trigger, the first...
  6. Evan Finkel

    Down Sprites for this Girl [Request]

    Hello~ Just making a quick request. I need some down sprites (possibly 3) for this girl please. ♥ Examples what I meant by "Down". Thank you! :)

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