sliding puzzle

  1. megumi014

    How to make a sliding puzzle

    How to make a sliding puzzle. Hi everyone, as the title says this is a tutorial to make a sliding puzzle. It needs a couple of events, pictures and a lot of patience, because it has a lot of conditional branches and requires some effort to picture visually where every piece of the puzzle is...
  2. Sliding Puzzle

    I was wondering if there was a script or a way to make a sliding puzzle in rpg maker mv. I've seen a couple of scripts for earlier versions of rpg maker but I haven't seen anything for MV.  I want to create a sliding puzzle similar in style to this professor layton...
  3. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Sliding puzzle script thing?

    I need a script for like a sliding puzzle thing. Like maybe my character walks on a piece and it moves or something and I need to put them together and find out where I need to go next. Something like this, and then you talk to a merchant or something and he said you'll know where to go next if...

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