1. tale

    Sliding Menu Animation (Tween)

    PD_MenuSlide & PD_TweenAnimation (2017/02/05 Ver.1.01) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Sliding animation for opening the menu screen. Features Plug and play Preview Terms of Use- Can be used for commercial use, mature content, modify material, redistribution after modification...
  2. tale

    Sliding Menu Animation

    Sliding Menu Animation 2014/12/15 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction This script features a sliding menu animation. Features - Sliding animation applies to default menu and item screen. - It bounces a little at the end. Preview How to Use Paste this script above Main. Script Credit...
  3. Poupouille

    Problem ice dungeon: sliding object

    Hello. I'm doing a classic map with a sliding object and a switch to activate (with the object sliding). (Events around the switch allow the door to close when the character moves away from the switch) The problem is that when the event touches the switch, nothing happens. I found this...
  4. Rikifive

    Frozen Dream - A NES like game made in 5 days

    "Frozen Dream" is a simple NES-like 8-bit game. Your objective is to 'slide' to your destination point, while avoiding obstacles, collecting bonuses and defeating enemies at the end of the stages. The action takes place on a mountain during Winter Holidays. Generally, there's no...
  5. Unwanted Sprite Movement

    I am having an issue with a sprite sheet I made. When the sprite is moving, it seems to jerk or slide around as if it can't stay in place.  I am not sure why it is moving like this, but if anyone knows of a solution, I would appreciate it. Thanks, and sorry if my question doesn't make sense(I'm...
  6. icerose05

    Picture Sliding Puzzle

    I'm trying out a picture sliding puzzle, and for those of you that don't know what his is, you have a series of tiles mixed up on the ground, and you only have one space free to move the tiles, and you have to put the tiles together to create a picture. I've been trying to figure it out myself...
  7. NiceJared

    (Help) Sliding Large Coffin

    So, there's the two piece coffin, and I'm sliding it across the screen and it works great, except it has a tiny space in between the two objects as theyr moving, if I try to change the speed of one of them, it creates a weird coffin inch worm.. so is there any fix to make that annoying little...

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