1. PhxFire

    Slime without eye

    I'm looking for a slime sprite without the eye... something to match the SV battler on this site If you know where I can find one that would be great or if anyone would be willing to edit the OG sprite or make a new slime that would be very much so appreciated also!
  2. Rens_Agatha

    Free SV Slime battler

    Hi ! Currently i've trying to create free SV battler sprite for Rpg maker MV. i'll keep updating these workshop whenever i finish my work. For now theres only one battler but it will not take long time to create it. Description : It's a "Slime" theme monster only for these workshop. Complete...
  3. Jayje

    RMMV Slime Kingdom - The Sidescrolling Adventure (Episode 1: And so it begins...)

    THE FIRST EPISODE HAS BEEN REVAMPED WITH MORE AWESOMENESS! NOW ON GAMEJOLT AND ITCH Story/Plot A lowly slime barely survives an encounter with an adventurer and limps(?) his way home. He's mad about his lot in life as just an exp grab for some dimwitted noob with a dream. He's tired of the...
  4. Jayje

    RMMV (Project Concept)

    This just an idea I've had kicking around in my head for sometime (like years) and I figure I might flesh it out a bit here and then when I've finished my current project, I can try my hand at this. Leave me your thoughts, ideas and feedback. T.I.A. Story/Plot A lowly slime barely survives an...
  5. SpiderMilkshake

    Spider's Batch o' Resources for XP

    ^w^ Starting myself a thread here to share some battlers and the like that I've made for game projects. Won't have too much to start with but I'll update every so often with new things. To start with, here are some monster-type battlers: More as I finish...
  6. Sythian Bard

    The House of Slime

    The House of Slime (a gathering place for slimes of all kinds) :kaoangry: Terms: FREE for non-commercial and commercial games. For the 8 Specific Elemental Slimes...I'd like to know if you use them in your commercial game. (Cuz, they will be appearing in my commercial game...and I just want...
  7. Mullnado

    Slime Recolors

    I couldn't find any slime recolors, so I made my own. Yellow, Red, Green, Turquoise, Dark Purple, Light Purple, metal (gray), and Orange (or red-ish orange I guess).Feel free to use them. I'll try to upload matching face sets soon as well. Have fun! Edit: I uploaded the matching face sets...
  8. RavenBlackbird

    Sprited SV_Enemies

    I didn't like how the art style of enemies didn't match the art style of player characters. So I decided to make actor sprites based from them. I'm including a reference Sprite for each battler just so it'll be easier to reposition the battlers in the troop tab. Also, this would need an animated...
  9. ct_bolt

    [SV Animated Battler] Slime & Bat RTP Style

    Slime (Request) Bat (Request)   I have used SV_Battlers from SV_enemies that byBibo has made and also Animated Battlers by Ækashics they are quite nice; They're not really quite what I need though. Thank you for taking the time to read this post :)
  10. MeowFace

    Multiplying Enemies

    Done for a request here. This seems to be a fun script so i am sharing it here for anyone else that needs it. This script allows the making of multiplying enemies. (enemy that splits and multiplies) eg. Slimes that kept multiplying at each turn's end until the original slime is killed...
  11. Tiranoua

    Kill counter not working?

    Hey, I'm very puzzled over why I can't get this to work, I've tried tweaking several parts of the code, but to no avail. What I'm trying to do is make a quest for my character to go and kill 10 slimes. I've set up the code, and in the second picture you can see that in order to continue, the...
  12. Teneven

    How to make an item heal with a 25% chance to poison?

    My game is called Death's Glance. It's set in a world of magic. So, guns and technology aren't needed. Thanks to magic, the development of technology is much slower, meaning 100 years after Medieval Times ended for us, the era of the sword and of the shield is still thriving. Monsters have many...

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