1. Multimoon

    Event Tileset Hitbox

    Hello ^^ I started to develop my game 2 months ago and I ask myself a question that I never managed to solve. In my game, I would like the player to be able to plant a plant. For this, I use an event, and for appearance, I use part of the tile set B. But the selection area in the appearance of...
  2. tale

    Save Thumbnail

    YKNR_SaveThumbnail - 2020/05/28 (ver.1.1.1) Creator name: Yakinori Overview Adds a thumbnail image to save file and displays for each slot. Thumbnail is based on the map screen Attention: This plugin doesn't work if MV version is less than 1.6.1. Features -Adds a function to save current map...
  3. PhilsArt

    Large actors for 2 or more slots in team

    Hey RPG Maker community, searched for ages for a plugin that allows you to define an actor who take up 2 or more slots in the party. For example the default party size is set to be 4 = 4 actors will be in your team, but what if one actor, large in size, will take 2 slots in the team, which...
  4. tale

    Sabakan - Equip Slot LR

    Saba_EquipSlotLR - 2016-06-05 Creator name: Sabakan Overview On equipment slot window, you can change actor with LR function. By pressing Q/W key or Page Up/Page Down key without returning to menu to select equip for other actor. Preview Credit and Thanks: Sabakan Terms of Use- Free for...
  5. tale

    Same Equip Type

    Torigoya_SameEquipType - Jun 17, 2017 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview If equip slot name is the same, it can have an item of the same type Example- 01 Weapon 02 Shield 03 Accessory 04 Accessory 05 Accessory Equipment Slot 3-5 slots are Accessory 03-05 can be equipped with Accessory...
  6. Narch

    RMMV TWOTCH: PrincessBeach68

    Introduction: Hi everyone. I recently made this game for a 10 days JAM where the theme was Princesses and Witches. I'm making an RPG type of game regulary, but this Jam was the occasion to test some things, and release a functionnal product. What you can play in this JAM game is supposed to be...
  7. Iliassine

    Elemental rate effects !

    Hey ! I think I'm in the good zone. Please, tell me I am. Anyway, I need your help : Fact is that I use the "Yanfly's slot upgrade" plugin, and by some way, I finally could use it and boost weapons, giving the wearer boost effects. Anyway, what I'm looking for is a way to resolve the following...
  8. Magusalfador

    Help! Is there a way to disable a save slot for autosave?

    Hi all! Im trying to do an auto save system for my project, so I can have the game autosave in a designated slot. My question is, is there a way I can disable the player to access that slot , like, if he want to save the game he can use any other slot but the one Im using for autosaving is...
  9. etype_id

    My question is where can i find the list of equipment slot tipes in the bace vxace script?
  10. Yusha

    Issue with Yanfly's Augement Slots

    So I'm using Yanfly's Attach Augments Plugin and I'm somehow having an issue. Here's my settings. And here are my tags in my items The problem is, the "Naru Crystal" Augment is working, I can put 2 in the weapons, but the Glyph slots aren't showing up on my armor slots...
  11. MeowFace

    None Optimize Equip Scene

    Made for a request here. This script simply removes the optimize/clear from the equip scene. Features: Non-optimize equip scene How to use: [1] Paste this script below Material and above other custom scripts. Note: Page Up/Down in the slot window will no longer scroll up/down in page but...
  12. MeowFace

    Single Save File System

    Made a script that required one save file system in the request board awhile back and found an urge to make the whole one save file script. So here it is! Single Save File System!     Features: [1] Able to change the default save file name to whatever you want. [2] Save/Load without the need to...
  13. MeowFace

    (Auto) Equip Slots (Beginner friendly)

    Made for a request here. This script allows equip slots to be add/remove automatically simply by adding/removing armour type in the database editor. Since it's using armour type instead of equip type for slots, you can add as many slot types as you like to your game simply by creating more...
  14. Unique character advancement

    Not sure if there's a similar topic or even this exact one somewhere else but if it is I couldn't find it. Anyway I'm trying to add in a system that moves away from standard leveling to gain skills. If anyone has ever played chrono cross I want to do something like that. Where to use a skill it...
  15. Centipede

    Question about Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine

    Firstly, here's what I intend to do. In my project, there will be times where you have to temporarily swap one party member for another, then when you get that member back later in the game. I intend to make it that when they are removed from the party, all their equips are removed. With...

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