small games

  1. Neal_Sage

    RMMZ Carries Over Save File???

    Me and some of my friends started a small company or entrepreneur. We want to make a short rpg game that tells the story of a young man and his 3 friends experiencing and seeing history firsthand with the help of a mysterious uncle. The game can be finished in 1-2 hours but we want the game to...
  2. FREE (Looking for pixel artist/mapper) Vocaloid Synchronicity Game

    Hiya~ I'm working on a project with a small team currently right now that is making a game based on a vocaloid song series called Synchronicity. We are looking for someone to do 32x32 sprites for the main characters of the series. Adding custom tilesets would also be a plus, but not a necessity...
  3. Touchfuzzy

    Event One Map Game Challenge

    Welcome everyone, to the ongoing One Map Game Challenge! First of all, this isn't a contest. There are no deadlines, there is no judging, or voting. This is just a challenge. You can tackle this whenever you want, or not tackle it at all! So, one thing I've found a lot of people have problems...
  4. chungsie

    Cultural Education in Ace

    Hi everyone. So I slept like 7 hours ago, and can't fall back to sleep :( There was an announcement by an indie dev with Unity about a project that was a cultural immersion for the Atna. You play as a young Atna girl with her pet wolf, and change povs with the wolf and her, and explore...

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