1. ShellyValeras

    In need of artistic help

    Okay so I need someone who's REALLY good at spriting. I need a creature as big as the iron golem for the walk sprite. Maybe a couple creepy dolls too. I'll have images shortly of what the creature will look like and the dolls too. If anyone is bored and good at making sprites please! Help me...
  2. captainette777

    (MV)Glasses that aren't transparent.

    Are there generator parts for a pair of glasses that aren't see-through? Mainly for the Character(TV) model and SV model if possible. I'm intending it for a nerdy-type character. Here are some reference pics- Is this good?:kaoswt:
  3. Alli Crane

    Is it possible to change regular player sprites to smaller sprites on over-world with a plugin?

    I was wondering because I don't like how everything looks out of proportion when you're big and the houses are freaking small.
  4. Wonderfull Darkness

    6 Small Music Revisions

    Resource Type: (Music) Description: (I'm looking for someone to revise these tracks, to make them sound not so chiptune and 8-bit.)
  5. I'm working with small numbers

    I want my characters to level up with small parameter changes. EX: you leveled up! HP +3 MP +2 ATK +1 DEF +0 Does it have to do with Parameter Curve? is there a way I can manually input the stat changes for each level up a class?
  6. Fictionary88

    How do I import characters if their sprites are smaller?

    I'm a total noob to this program, but want desperately to become a game designer. Anyway. I have a set of sprites ready for my main character (their walking animation, anyway), but they're smaller than the sprites the game comes with. I could alter their size to fit into the standard...
  7. highlord90

    Small font when previewing text

    I'm working on a side project to keep myself in practice while I finish elements of my main project but then I noticed this odd occurance. The font in my preview box for text boxes is absolutely tiny and makes editing the text there and then over going into the game tedious :/ Here's a...
  8. Changing Font Type but Keeping Size (VX Ace)

    Is there a way to change the type of a font but making it bigger? For example, MS Mincho at 9 pt. looks like this: I tried the following: Font.default_name = ["MS Mincho"]Font.default_size = 9I'm aware that the size does not work like that, but what should i do? This makes the text in-game...
  9. flynnmichael81

    How to check if an external file is present!

    Basically I'm having trouble working out if there is a way, through scripts, to check if an external file is present. I'm trying to create a dlc that will only activate if the game can see a certain file (dlc.dat) in the installation folder. I would super grateful if someone knows a way to do...
  10. TheOddFellow

    Odd's Ends

    Odd's Ends While working on my games, (of which I have numerous projects I may never finish,) I end up creating resources to an idea that dies out. Whether it be music or pixel art, it just seems bad to waste. So, I'm going to let all you creative people be able to use it for your projects...
  11. Evan Finkel

    Small menu screen - RGSS3

    Hello! I decided to scale down my game and fit it to 350x325. I was wondering if someone can help me out doing the menu script for it? Something like this.
  12. Evan Finkel

    Small sized RPG (RGSS3)

    Hello, I was wondering if someone know the code to scale down any RPG made in RPG Maker VXAce? * Example RPGs Halloween Flop By Yato Halloween Bash By Yato
  13. Scotteh

    All custom door sprites a little too small...

    Hello everyone, first post here. :3 Was wondering if you could riddle me this... http://i1077.photobucket.com/albums/w472/ScottSkullcandy/aerg_zps74428239.png~original http://i1077.photobucket.com/albums/w472/ScottSkullcandy/arg_zps1e7338f9.png~original Every time I download a new custom door...
  14. [VXA]Need help with editing Ougi Animation ( solved - please remove it)

    This has been solved > here < i don't know if we can share the link of the other website or not,  but please remove the topic because it has been solved ...

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