1. mylafter

    Snake Mini Game Screen WxH

    So I am using this script for a mini-game(snake): (You can find the script in the OP. There is also an available demo.) Problem is that my game's Width and Height is 640x480. When the mini game is active, it still runs...
  2. DTracy3

    Snake Monster

    Hi, I just finished mashing up two of the RpgMakerMV Enemies to get some new snake, since I found the typical snake a little too boring. It's free to use for any commercial or non commercial work as long as you own a RPGMaker MV license. Credit is always appreciated, but not mandatory^^
  3. Gabrelik

    Gabrelik's MV Stuff (New Halloween Battler)

    Hi! Welcome to my page! Look around, and if you see something you like, have at it! :D Terms of Use: Please credit Gabrelik for any original material, and while reposts are always okay, please link back to this thread when referencing this material elsewhere. Edits are fine...
  4. midnight1443

    Snake Sprites Rainbow/Black

    I made sure they worked. They're all the same size and design, I just changed the color to make them look different. Free to use! Happy gaming! -Max
  5. Roseredpinball

    A Few Sprite Icons

    So, I made a few specific sprite icons for my game, and I thought I'd share them with others, so others who maybe need those icons for their games can use them. Basically, they are just icons for the icon sheet, like the little weapon icons, potion icons, etc. To put them in your icon sheet...
  6. Solo

    A question about Chinese astrology

    Hmm, maybe someone will know this. Okay. I was born on February 6th, 1989. According to the Chinese zodiac, 1989 was the year of the snake. BUT! The date of the Chinese new year actually varies, anywhere from the end of January even to late February, if I recall correctly. So if my birthday in...
  7. profdemetri

    Prof's Naga Warrior Release

    Welcome to my first release!   A Naga themed warrior set for all to use.  Made with VX Ace in mind, these resources can be used in whatever way you see fit.   With that being said, if you do decide to use the sprite set, don't feel the need to credit me as it was an edit for Loose Leaf...

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