1. Gabrelik

    RMMV Moiety: Rise of an Archon

    Hello, friends, strangers, and fellow devs! This is a project that has been near and dear to my heart for some time now, and I'm ecstatic to say that we have officially broken ground on what I hope to be a wonderful and exciting new adventure! Please take a moment to explore the world of Ellie...

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grief... lol... I keep seeing request for MZ versions of MV plugins. this is why I haven't moved over and just MZ for my MV project.
Egg-sitting minigame is coming along nicely. Are you a bad enough dino to keep all these raptor eggs warm?

I forgot to post the animated version of the previous map I was working on. I'm still arguing with myself on if I like the stark blue ground better than the undergrowth ground used on the waterfall map. Hmm...
now that fmod is free for indie(<200k revenue), it would be interesting to see someone add fmod support for rpg maker
Can't say I can't promise progress on a project just yet. But I can say I had fun databasing tonight. :)

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