1. Can I use old RPG Maker Music in my free game?

    I'm developing a free game and I'm using soundtracks from a lot of RPG Maker Engines (except for trinity for now), the thing is, I'm also using the SNES ost. I figured there would be no problem since is still RPG Maker music but I cannot buy the license like with every other RPG Maker, can I...
  2. Using Music from a previous RPG Maker

    Hello, I’m currently using RPG Maker MV and want to use music from RPG Tsukūru 2, which is an SNES version released in 1996 by ASCII. Would I be able to use this music for a game released commercially? Would owning the physical game help?
  3. Looking for SNES style music packs

    Hello, I’m looking for a 16-bit SNES style(Not Mega Drive, 8-bit or Chip Tune.) music pack that fits the jrpg genre(FF, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire.)that can be used commercially. These seem to be hard to come by but really give a game an authentic retro feel. Does anyone have anything they...
  4. Bit By Bit Sound

    SNES style Royalty Free RPG music

    Hey everyone! I've been making a bit of SNES style royalty free music recently and thought I would share here. I aim to make at least 1 new song a week to upload to my youtube channel. If you do use some of my music, please provide credit to me (word doc with instructions in the download)...
  5. CatFyre_Games

    RMMV Souls of Arcania

    SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS STORYLINE/PLOT And there you have it. I'll be updating this page regularly. By the way, while my username is CatFyre Games, this was thought of years ago and now i have a better, established name (Caotic Pixel Studios). Dunno if it's...
  6. Lilly

    ~The Seventh Warrior~! Review

    Welcome Today's lucky game interview is....~The Seventh Warrior~! The Seventh Warrior's story revolves around a demonic crown prince named Dark, he was sealed and now after a thousand years he's back and wants revenge, that's just a small part of it and sounds truly unique, but I gotta say the...
  7. ColdAsSnow

    The Sea Between (Version 1.0.0)

    https://theseabetween.itch.io/the-sea-between Price:$4.99 SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS CREDITS DEMO WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA
  8. ColdAsSnow


    Hey everybody, I've been frequenting these forums for a couple years now, but I thought I should introduce myself now that I have a project that I'm proud to talk about. I'm from the east coast of Canada and I'm currently working on a project called The Sea Between. My day job is as a...
  9. sadsaxboy

    Cartoony RTP Request

    Resource Type: Full or at least partially complete RTP Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Cartoon, something close to Earthbound Description: I'd like to create a game similar to the MOTHER series and I don't have the resources for this. It doesn't need to be 100% identical to the game's...
  10. St0rmSlaSh

    Custom VX Ace Title Background

    First time requesting so Let's hope this goes well... Alright, so I was wondering if someone could draw me up a Lich in his chambers, holding his crystal phylactery in his hand. I would like the crystal to be more of the main thing in the title screen to let the player know that that crystal...
  11. Stranga

    RM2k/3 Knights of Gaia (New Demo Now Available!)

  12. agoaj

    Mode 7 - Get a 3D perspective on your world map

    I've been working on a Mode 7 plugin for MV over the weekend thought I'd make a post to help keep me motivated to finish it. It's based on 7th graphics mode of the SNES which lets you rotate and scale sprites. This was used to create the airship flying effects in Final Fantasy games With this...
  13. Luiishu535

    Cold at Heart

    Download: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9189/downloads/8500/ About: A McBacon Jam 3 game, featuring the collaborate work of four members of RMN, including aspects from various games and genres compiled together which have inspired us on our game making journeys. Cold at Heart is a sci-fi...
  14. PedroVGM

    Has anyone played this title? (Terranigma for SNES)

    Wow this title is so underrated that is hardly understandable, in fact I think this game could have been quite a good competitor for big games like tales of symphonia or kingdom hearts, this of course, if it had had way a better marketing and sequels or at least a remake. What do you guys think...
  15. whtdragon

    Color cycling effect plugin

    I'm curious to know if it's possible to create color cycling in MV, and have been looking for something like it for awhile without having to resort to animating things manually. Color cycling is a technique used in older games to shift the color palette of a particular sprite or image and...
  16. vico

    Chrono Trigger Battle System + Plus

    Hi!   After searching in this forum and internet, i don't find anything similar for MV. So i came here to request: A map and turn-based battle system. In other words: a clone of the so called Active Time Battle, ver 2, a battle system based on the 1995 JRPG game Chrono Trigger.   I...
  17. JCBrickston

    JC's Retro Game Tunes

    Howdy, everyone! I'm Joshua, though most folks know me as J.C. You can call me either one, it won't bother me in the least! This thread is where I put all of my free-to-use video game tracks. I'm not really a fan of modern gaming or soundtracks, so most of my work is in the style of the SNES...
  18. JCBrickston

    Royalty Free Video Game Music From Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

    Howdy there everybody! My name's Joshua, although some know me as...Tim? Either way, I'm new to the forum scene, but after hearing about this site from my brother, DesperateMeasurez (although I don't call him that, and he doesn't call me J.C.Brickston...however, if we did, that would be pretty...

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