1. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ All MZ Plugin Parameters

    Hello I am currently updating the MV visual studio parameter files https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/vscode-rpg-maker-javascript-snippet-for-plugin-developement.114922/ and started to work on MZ specific set. I want what is added to MZ so I can make a major update on the file. as...
  2. Myers & Sparks

    Script snippet please help .

    Been using RPG maker for a while, but let's just saying JS isn't quite my forte. In any case, what would be the best method to look a batch of variables. and return the highest variable? for example I have 3 variables. 1,2,3 with respective values of 5,8,2, What would be the best method of...
  3. Etori

    Adding a Help Window to YEP Map Select Skill

    Hi there, I've been attempting to add a help window to the YEP Map Select Skill window, the intent being skills you hover over have their description written in a box above/below the Map Select Skill window. For those unaware, YEP Map Select Skill replicates the RMMV event command 'Select...
  4. Torqus

    AutoLoad Latest Savegame on Gameover

    AUTOLOAD LATEST SAVEGAME ON GAMEOVER   Hello everyone. Today is a glorious day for me, I finally did something by myself with this program :D Changelog --> Version 1.1 Added line 56, the game wouldn't resume BGM or BGS after being autoloaded, now it does. Description As the name says...
  5. Ultima01

    [ACE] Issues with an Enemy Reactions Snippet

    I've been having problems with this script snippet I devised for a friend.  Said friend wanted enemies to react to getting hit with specific elements, but only if they dealt damage.  So I came up with the idea of making them react to a switch that's thrown in response to a spell dealing damage...
  6. DoubleX RMVXA Snippet List

    Purpose Shares some possibly useful snippets in which I don't think they deserve an own topic :D Snippets included Game Over Delete Save - Deletes all or the last save file upon game over Graphic Face - Shows the actor graphic/face using other actors' ones Level Cap - Caps the actor level...
  7. Seriel

    Jackus Snippets | 002 - Common event on Load

    Mirror Topic at RPGMakerVXAce.net Hello! This is the second of my 'Jackus Snippets' series!   This one loads a Common Event every time you load a save file and/or everytime you start a New Game.   Anyway....     Screenshots   Demo     Download   License       Thanks for reading! Some feedback...
  8. nio kasgami

    N.K.E.A -"Extra_accessory_Slot"

    ■ Nio Kasgami Engine Ace N.K.E.A -"Extra_accessory_Slot" V.1.0.0 Author: Nio Kasgami Introduction: little snippet who permit to have a extra accessory set in the equip menu Features allow one extra accessory slot in the equip menu. Screenshots How to Use Plug and play just paste it and use...
  9. autophagy

    Get, compare, and store System Time

    Hello! Today, out of necessity, I had to try my hand at creating my very first Ruby script. It's only small, but I thought that some people who have no scripting knowledge might find it useful. I am pretty sure that it is bug free, since it's difficult to put many bugs into so few lines. I...
  10. Cryranos

    Toggle TP Display with Switch

    Toggle TP Display with Switch by Cryranos Introduction This is a tiny snippet that lets you designate a switch to determine whether TP is displayed or not. I made this because in my current project, the party doesn't gain access to anything related to TP until later in the game, and I don't...
  11. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Move Events Ex

    Overview Well, normally you cannot move events in between tiles, and this snippet gives you the power to do so via a simple script call. Take note though that this is suggested to only be used for decorative events and those that run autorun/parallel as this might cause activation bug if used...
  12. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Skill/Item List based on Learn/Obtain order

    Basically this very short snippet allows you to show the skill and item list based on the order that you learned the skills (obtained items) instead of the default which uses the database ID to determine sort order. Script:   Notes:   Obviously really easy to do, so it's free for anyone. I...
  13. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Save $data

    Save $data v1.00 by Adiktuzmiko       ++ Intoduction ++     Normally, when you edit in-gamethe values of the $data items (like $data_actors, $data_classes etc), those edits are lost after closing the game. This is because the game doesn't save the $data objects into the file.   So, I created...
  14. Dr.Yami

    Manual Stats

    [snippet] Manual Stats I, Introduction: This script will make actor's stats won't increase when level up like in database. Their stats will be increased manually instead (config below  calculation). This script can also control EXP per level. II, Usage: This script requires a little...
  15. Dr.Yami


    [snippet] Manashield I, Introduction: This will make a manashield state which allow actor takes damage to mana instead of health points. II, Usage: See script's header. III, Download: Here ~ IV, Author's notes: - This was Archeia's request. - Have Archeia's allowance to publish.
  16. Dr.Yami

    Overkill Snippet

    [snippet] Overkill   I, Introduction: This script will call a common event each time player kills an enemy and check if it's over-killed or not. II, How to use: See in the header. III, Download: Here ~ IV, Author's notes: - This is Archeia's request. - Have Archeia's allowance to post this.

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