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  1. Featherbrain

    Best practices for sharing high quality GIFs online?

    (If this is the wrong forum for this, please move it. Thanks!) Lately I've been trying to share animated GIFs or MP4s of my game online. But both Imgur (bad) and Twitter (extremely bad) compress the living heck out of them, turning my proud, crisp pixel art into shamefully blurry...
  2. gRaViJa

    Better to make website/social media accounts with Game's title or Company/developer title?

    For a commercial game, what do you think is better: To make a website/social media accounts with the Game's title or with the Company/developer title? E.g. and or and I feel like the...
  3. MushroomCake28

    Twitter community

    Hey, since I will be publishing soon, I was thinking of starting marketing a little bit. I just create the twitter account for my game studio. If you have a twitter for you game studio, follow me! And I'll follow you. Looking for the indie game making community there! My twitter is: Kamo Studio...
  4. The Art of Gaming

    Thoughts on Social Networking in sims

    Not sure if this is the best place to put this but I have to ask. What do you think about having social media, texting and calls in games? Is it annoying and/or tedious for you to have social media in a game or is it something cool that you appreciate?

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