1. Soulrender

    Soulrender's Extended Skill Damage Formulas

    This plugin does nothing more than extend text field from database to use longer damage formulas. It might be very helpful when you try to adjust damage of your skills while default text box in RPG Maker MV is to small for using advanced formulas. Terms of use: Free for all commercial and...
  2. CuddleFox

    What language was VX Ace programmed in?

    Everything's in the title. When I search on google, I find a lot of topics that talk about ruby but none of them know in which language the RPG Maker VX Ace software has been programmed?
  3. Opening issue with RPG Maker

    Hello there, I don't have much time so I'll make it brief. Pretty much every time i try to open my project it displays this: so yeah... Help?
  4. Salmakis

    new ImageFilter tool (scale Pixel Art with XBR/XBRz or HQ)

    Hi folks, be a while since I was here, I can't use my old Account anymore (don't have the email address anymore) so I made a new one, so no worry if my account is new and fresh. i have used this tool a long time...
  5. Game Management Software

    Hello! Planning plays a major role in the development of a video game. Currently I am developing a video game with RPG Maker MV. I used the software DramaQueen, for the script and my ideas, but I'm looking for a script or management software, which can be used especially for game development...
  6. Gaming PC was hacked

    My younger bro downloaded some malware on my computer and it was hacked I think. The computer restarted automatically after installation. The weird thing is that the login account is none of mine. Totally a new user name and the other accounts were removed. How to rescue the device?
  7. Faherya


    Hello, how are you? My name is Pandora and I will be your new personal assistant. I can perform simple tasks like doing a search on the internet, open your profile on social networks and even look for specific things like videos on Youtube. But do not worry, I will not access any personal data...
  8. gchan

    recommended music software

    any suggestion for recommended music software that easy to use to create music or song for rpgmaker mv or any game?
  9. Transparent tooltip text RPGM MV

    I'm having an issue where the text in all my tooltip windows is transparent and unreadable (like when hovering the mouse over a tool shortcut or event setting options). Most of the time it just looks like a white box but if it happens to be against a dark background I can tell there are supposed...
  10. Vanessa

    Looking for a Software to combine images without losing transparency

    Anyone know it? I tried Photoscape and it's not really convenient due to the losing image transparency i can't create sprite well Thank you~
  11. Arisa

    Good drawing programs~

    I've seen people ask about good drawing software plenty of times before, so I decided I'd compile up what I've used in the past, and what I currently use. Feel free to suggest something to add to the list! :ohappy::ohappy::ohappy: 1) Paint Tool Sai I still don't quite understand everything...
  12. Miseryfactory77

    Gimp Graphic modification help

    Hi everyone I was not sure the correct place but had questions as it related to the image editing software gimp. I am somewhat competant in gimp and have used it to edit spritesheets in the past but needed help with something which may involve layering etc and was wondering if anybody could help...
  13. Lonelywraith

    Is there any way to make BGM, BGS and SE stop when minimizing the game?

    When a VX Ace game is minimized, the game stops like an usual emulator and all that stuff. That's not really the problem, I don't really have any problem with that. The thing is that BGM, BGS, ME and SE keeps sounding even thought you do this and that's what really kind of bothers me. For...
  14. Isaac

    Free Music Synthesizers for Making OST

    Does anyone know any good programs for making your own music for your game?
  15. Isabella Ava

    Best Software for Making Sprites

    Hi everybody, because i want to make some unique sprite sheets & tileset i have tried out several software out there, but each software has its pro & cons So i want to open this topic to talk about these Software & what they're lacking of * Photoshop: Pro: - Well, almighty software...
  16. chungsie

    Eastern Music Software

    Anyone know of a good Eastern Music software for making game music? The modality in Eastern Music is a little different from Western, so I wanted something that could do the partial tones that Western Music can't pull off notation wise. I need it for making some Eastern music for a game. I...
  17. Rikifive

    Things That Make Me Wonder

    Hello everybody! This thread/post isn't a complain ~ these things make me wonder and I just wanted to discuss about them. Please, don't get me wrong. As everybody knows, Ace has limits all over the place ~ Not sure how about MV though. Anyway ~ I wanted to ask about few things~ 1...
  18. _Shadow_

    FREE Authoring tool

    There is a time you wanna make a game, and the scenario is SO Huge and the characters SO deep, that a simple or even an enhanced text editor can't help you either. Many commercial products exist to help you out to write a novel, a game story or a script for a movie. And there is bibisco...
  19. Chorvaqueen

    Vocaloid General

    I searched for a bit and there doesn't seem to be a thread about this yet. If I missed it, please link me thank you! Thought it might be a good idea to start a Vocaloid general thread where we can talk about...well, Vocaloid. So I'll start, I got into Vocaloid around 2011 and...
  20. BeardBro

    Musicians - what software do you use?

    I'd like to start dabbling in orchestration, but alas, I'm not sure where to start! I'm very familiar with recording - I use Reaper and ProTools mostly - but I'm completely oblivious when it comes to orchestra software. I've heard of Sibelius, but I don't know if it matches my criteria or not...

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