1. solaris1111

    What software do you use in music cration?

    What software do you use for music creation? I do use Mixcraft 7 pro for my new game (micraft 5 for my previous). But i know there is much more software out there i don't know about and i wich to learn more about them. Also, do you know what softwares were used to create the songs from RPG...
  2. nio kasgami

    what's was your first art software you used and what your newest?

    Hi guys I was more curious! what's was you first art software you used on the computer : D ?? for myself this Paint tool sai ....I just recently after some trial and error with multiple software who don't really satisfied me jump on Clip Studio Paint EX simply because this a...

    Best software for sprite animation?

    I'm just about ready to start animating some sprites I've created (to be used in RM), but I'm kind of new to animation. I have Photoshop CS5, but I'm wondering if there isn't any better software for this - I read somewhere that Photoshop isn't the best when it comes to animation. Assuming money...
  4. Masochistic-Bipper

    Hello ~ Mind to tell me some free tilemaking softwares?

    Hello! I am a pixel artist and I have been "spriting" all of my resources thusfar... except for my tilesets. Doing tilesets in MS Paint have proven very hard and I do have FireAlpaca, but that isn't a very "pixel-oriented" service. Does anybody know any free tileset creating softwares that...
  5. Can anyone recommend me a good music software for free?

    I'm trying to create my own original music for a game that I'm working on. The thing is I can't find a good program that's easy for a beginner to use that's free. Since I'm not exactly experienced with making music at all it causes problems for me since all the free programs I find have a rather...
  6. IOS capability???

    Hey evryone, Well as I continue in my choice for RPG creation I am curious are we able to create games that can be sold on the apple systems as well (Iphone, Ipad, Etc.). I would like to be able to broaden my ability to share it around. Thank you for the input.
  7. Making videos

    There is nice online video maker at You can create some pretty cool videos with it.

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