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    Update None of recent. Introduction: Hey guys, basically I wanted to offer up this logo service to help out the community (Truly the first useful thing I’ve posted on here… hopefully) and to also further my skills in creating logos for games, hope you guys like them as this is my...

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The Google Play rating for one of my games finally rose above 4.0 after getting review-bombed from a $0 sale. Now the game's sales are doing much better when discounted, so that's nice.
I'm getting close to releasing a demo. Working on formatting my Games in Development post.
I always see a few people asking for C# in next engine and I always thought: Do I not know enough about that language to tell it will affect extensibility and customizability to the negative? Watching a video from SumRndmDde today I feel confirmed.
If you had some musical requests in line with me.. feel free to re post! Corona has killed me and have recently got my internet back <3
I'm now working on procedural generated World Maps for my own project.
Is there anyone who's interested in having this Plugin for his own game?

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