1. Journey_Sticks

    Modern Soldiers

    Moved to: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/tilesets-animated-stuff-v2-2.128841/#post-1134187
  2. Soldier/Guard

    This is for RPGMV.  Hey, looking for generator parts, so I can make my own battler, for "soldiers/guards" etc. I can't seem to find any helmets or armor that look like  a soldier.  :D any help would be lovely. 
  3. Tecprincess

    Female soldier

    Ok I got my Military hat Thanks to Deb.  Does anyone know a good mack sprite that has a modern female military uniform for the body? I have been googling, but so far have found nothing. Edit: I have got what is done. 
  4. GrandmaDeb

    Faceless made some Soldier Edits

    These were made by Faceless. Please credit him, but feel free to use these in commercial or non-commercial games.
  5. Zevia

    Soldier and Angel Recolors

    Created some recolors of the soldier and general sprites and battlers for my project, thought I'd come share them in case anyone was looking for a little Red vs. Blue theming. Soldier/General Sprite Recolors Soldier/General Battler Recolors EDIT: I was doing some more recolors tonight for...
  6. catcat

    Two Knights and a Soldier Sprite!

    Hey, hey, hey! It occured to me that I have made custom sprites, tiles, music, and other various items and done nothing with them. Ever. So I thought I might give them away since I never use them! I'll probably upload more later (sprites, tiles, music, as mentioned above), but for now here's...

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