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    What do you do when hitting the wall on your solo project?

    Hi, it's Luminous here. It's already a common issue when we are starting a solo project. We will hit a particular wall (at least it happens often on me) Not like I am losing the passion for continuing my project, but somehow I can't make meaningful progress. It's not once I failed to deliver the...

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It is a curse getting better at javascript after each plugin... Now I am considering changing two previous plugins completely, and they're not small plugins either -.-' Not to mention that I'll add more features... This is why I never manage to release a game, I just keep updating everything I've already done :p
I have done nothing for my game in the last hours but look and modify my spreadsheets. lmao
A quarter of century ago, one astute frog man was born. :ninja:
All new MZ Weather & Title updates are also RETRO'able for MV! Updated RETRO project will be released on same day I'll release updated MZ demo -project!

Just lost about half a day's worth of work because rpg maker crashed during playtesting and corrupted my file :kaolivid:

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