1. Lintilion

    RMMV ShrineSpark! A Surreal Space-Station Prison Escape!

    Somewhere in the deepest reaches of space... An execution is to be carried out... Play as Orange, a perfect simulacrum of the Orange Experience. Be freed from prison by a strange hero. SHRINESPARK Personal Software simulates the following experience: Take the role of a creature. About 3...
  2. metronome

    Simple Item Menu Only

    Hi, When you go into your menu, instead of looking at numbers, texts, save, HP, MP, etc and etc, all you see is just your inventory. Simple as that. (example: mad father and oh ko!) There are already plenty of these in RMVXA Some of them are even equipped with abilities to actually use the...
  3. Seriel

    Solo or Team?

    (Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure) Heyyyyy, So, while in the process of moving on to my actual project, what should I do? A solo or a team project? I've seen lots of successful games made with both methods, but i'm not sure. What are thr Pros and Cons? The risks? The rewards...
  4. DeyJay5

    Idea's for a game with no leveling up?

    Basically my game does not have enough battles to make leveling up necessary. So does anyone have any tips on how to make an rpg game where your character never has to level up yet the fights are still challenging and not completely reliant on luck?

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A sketch of a character for an upcoming chapter. I am pre-preparing the heck out of this one and future chapters, don't want to spend time figuring the story out again. :blush:
Today *Fix the game UI
RMMZ maxRows make me tired.
The game supports real-time language switching (really interesting).




Swag collecting in the new randomly generated area. Now the mini map also shows the randomly generated features... And even illustrates the whole "bubble" system" that I made to manage memory... Though that part's inadvertent. We'll just call that "the fog of war"... Yes, that's what we'll do. Nobody will be the wiser! :kaopride:
not me being not lazy for 5 seconds and drawing another char portrait (her name is hazel)
Been a while since the last time I made a song remix. Had a blast making this

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