1. Creative Ed

    Creative Ed's Isometric Solution (Alpha 0.2)

    CREATIVE Ed's Isometric Solution (Alpha 0.2) made possible with bblizzard's Ultra Mode7 plugin Introduction This is a demo that you can download showcasing my own solution to achieve Isometric graphics. This method was achieved using bblizzard's Ultra Mode7 Plugin and tweaking some...
  2. Demolion

    Magic dodge also reflects magic

    when i use an ability that gives the player the Magic dodge attribute it sometimes reflects a magic attack is there any way to stop that from hapening, i mean to only dodge magic and never reflect it?
  3. mlogan

    Puzzle answers design

    I'm trying to work out some mechanics of a puzzle game I am working on. The puzzle is centered around a legend of the civilization you are playing in. In the puzzle you have to use clues to figure out things like who to what artifact and where they took it. What I'm trying to figure out is...

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